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The future of CX has arrived - Meet Enlighten, the Trusted AI for Business


Presented By: NICE

The impact of our experiences, both positive and negative, can shape our opinions and relationships for a long time. Customers will remember how a brand made them feel far longer than just the deals and offers they provided.

That's where Enlighten comes in - the AI purpose-built for CX that helps businesses anticipate and meet every customer need, creating sustainable and life-changing experiences. Enlighten can create fully personalized experiences that align with your brand and business goals by combining the latest Generative AI technology and CXone’s vast array of CX data.

This white paper will break down how to:

  • Create fully conversational self-service options that understand customer intent
  • Leverage self-service AI models to automate and resolve frequent interactions
  • Empower agents with streamlined real-time AI coaching and prompts
  • Summarize and automate interaction responses for proactive agent follow-up
  • Proactively automate service flows allowing supervisors to accelerate decision velocity

Future-proof your business with this white paper

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