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Navigating the Modern Omnichannel Contact Center


Presented By: CallMiner

In today’s digital landscape, the customer journey encompasses a diverse mix of interactions across channels such as chat, text, email and more. Despite this, many organizations still fall short in effectively analyzing the wide spectrum of omnichannel customer feedback.

Notably, 71% of organizations limit themselves to only gathering feedback that is directly requested, using methods such as satisfaction surveys. Yet, the unsolicited feedback obtained from day-to-day omnichannel interactions represents the majority of customer opinions - along with a major untapped opportunity for organizations.

Explore the potential of omnichannel insights to transform your business with our latest whitepaper, ‘Navigating The Modern Omnichannel Contact Center’.

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop an omnichannel listening strategy.
  • How to apply omnichannel insights to improve business performance.
  • 5 CX and EX improvements that can be made with omnichannel insights.

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