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The Contact Center QA X-Factor


Presented By: CallMiner

Quality assurance (QA) and quality monitoring (QM) are some of the most important tools for contact center management.  

But today, most organizations have a large disparity between the number of QA analysts and contact center agents. So, how do you maintain customer-centric standards around contact center quality, while continually enhancing employee experience?

In this new eBook, you’ll learn about a hybrid approach to contact center QA that’s otherwise known as the ‘X Factor’, including how to: 

  • Take a staged approach to automating QA
  • Analyze 100% of omnichannel conversations
  • Leverage automated scorecards
  • Removing repetitive tasks from QA’s workload
  • Much more…

Download this exciting and enlightening eBook today, and start applying the ‘X Factor’ to your own QA environment.