Past Podcasts

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October 2019   
Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations - Roundtable
A fascinating inside look at emerging solutions that significantly impact contact center operations. View demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies from NICE inContact and Language I/O and get a clear idea of how they can tangibly help to resolve ongoing issues.
When Customers Call, Will Your IVR Be Ready? - Plum Voice
In this webinar, you will learn how to offer an IVR experience that drives optimal customer journeys that increase efficiency and deliver better business results.
Workforce Planning in a Digital World - Genesys
Planning for multi-skill, multi-site, and multi-channel contact centers is one of the most difficult math problems we’ve encountered. In this session, we will discuss the different methods for modeling these complex operations, and tips for improving your contact center plans.
Learn How Attended Robots Improve Productivity and Agent Engagement - NICE
Robots can improve the effectiveness, quality and satisfaction of employees by automating boring, repetitive and low value tasks that slow them down....if done right!
Best Practices Panel– Seamless Customer Experience - Combining AI, VA with Live Agents - Roundtable
Advances in Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, digital channels and self-service all contribute to delivering an improved customer experience. This panel discusses strategy that provides the greatest potential to enhance customer relationships by bringing all your customer touchpoints together.
September 2019  
How to Build a Speech Analytics Program - A Workshop - CallMiner
Listen to this workshop as we take you through the critical components you need to consider when putting together an analytics program.
Employee Engagement - The Hidden Secret to Customer Engagement - RingCentral 
Listen to this webinar to learn how employee engagement may hold the key to CX success. When employee communication and collaboration is enriched, employees become more invested in the organization, leading to double customer satisfaction rates as compared to their peers.
The 10 Steps to Building a KM Program that Works - Verint 
In this webinar you will learn how to build a knowledge management program that is set up for success.
August 2019  
How Intelligent Routing Can Deliver the Business Results - NICE Nexidia 
Join us as we discuss how the typical legacy routing strategy is evolving to be intelligent, personalized, and capable of improving your metrics.
Long and Short Term Forecasts and Weekly to Interval Staffing Requirements - Genesys 
In this session, we discuss how math and assumptions change as we move from long term planning to scheduling to real-time management.  We’ll offer tips for accurate staffing and forecasting.
Gain Visibility Into Customer Interactions With The Combined Power of Automated Scorecards, Transcription and Sentiment Analysis - CallFinder
In this webcast you’ll see first-hand how combining powerful speech analytics technologies can optimize performance, functionality, and user experience.
Best Practices Discussion – How to Deliver an Effortless Customer Experience - Roundtable 
Organizations that actively focus on helping people solve problems quickly and easily are often the most successful at building customer loyalty.
July 2019  
Case Study - Building New Roads to Greater Productivity and Efficiency with QA and Analytics - CallFinder 
Listen to this webinar to learn how putting speech analytics and transcription solutions in place in the contact center offers significant business benefits.
Workforce Strategy - How AI Can Make Every Agent Your Best Agent - Talkdesk 
Agent empowerment requires a combination of trust and technology. Listen to this podcast to discover how to empower your agents using Workforce Engagement.
Speech Analytics - Insights, Guidance and IVR Innovation - Gridspace 
Join us for an introduction to GRACE, a voice-bot, who can be used to supplement your existing workforce by handling repetitive call types and/or be your IVR replacement.
Best Practices for Workforce Management - Roundtable 
Listen to this podcast as panelists offer WFM ideas that can be adapted to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving contact center environments and how to become the employer of choice.  
June 2019   
Ahead of the KPI Curve - How Visual Assistance Delivers Across all Contact Center Metrics - TechSee 
An emerging technology, Remote Visual Assistance is enabling agents to exceed all their targets across FCR, AHT, and NPS. Listen to this podcast to find out more.
AI and RPA – Transforming Customer Service- Tech Tank
During this webcast, you will hear about RPA and the how AI automation strengthens speech and digital to complement one another in a multi-modal experience.
May 2019   
Unleash the Data in Your Contact Center - Improve CX Across the Organization - Verint 
Listen to this webcast to learn how you can use interaction data to help break down silos and provide a connected view of the customer across the enterprise. 
Quality Monitoring Strategies Reimagined - NICE 
This webinar will cover the benchmark findings on the current state of quality management and how to drive change in your quality program that will result in a greater influence in agent performance and business outcomes.
Roundtable - Strategies for Creating Effective Customer Experience 
Listen to this webcast to hear the most effective strategies for delivering excellent experience demanded by today’s customers. We discuss the simple, yet critical variable to consider when developing an omni-channel customer service capability.
The Perfect Pair - Quality & Analytics in your Contact Center - NICE inContact 
Not getting the results from your QM program? Listen to this webcast to learn how Quality Management Analytics leverages insights to make your quality program more precise and efficient.
April 2019   
Successfully Increase Agent Workflow Effectiveness - A How-To Guide - nVoq 
This webcast discusses the 5-step process to increase agent workflow effectiveness.
Tech Tank - Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations
Join Genesys and NICE inContact for a fascinating inside look at emerging solutions such as AI, speech and text analytics, that significantly impact contact center operations.
March 2019  
Why Every Contact Center Needs Performance Management - Aspect 
 Join Aspect in a hands-on review of how Performance Management can make a huge difference in both customer engagement and contact center efficiency.
Roundtable - Best Practices in Analytics and Business Intelligence 
Listen to this webcast to hear best practices and proven strategies as leveraging analytics and business intelligence is discussed.
February 2019  
Swipe Left, Swipe Right – How to Match the Customer with the Perfect Agent - NICE Nexidia 
Using a personality model developed in partnership with the NASA, move from trends to true matches for your business and your customers.
Removing Barriers to a Successful Digital Strategy - VHT
When designing and implementing your digital strategy, organizations need to take into account both the customer's and the company’s intent.  Listen to this webcast as VHT explores best practices, examples, and digital strategy. 
Smart Agent Assistant - Intelligent Automation with a Human Touch from within the Agent’s Desktop - Jacada
Listen to this Technology Showcase as we demonstrate the Smart Agent Assistant, an RPA bot working side by side with the call center agent, to provide a human touch where it matters most – at the desktop.
Roundtable - Preparing for the Future of Workforce Management 
Discover and experience emerging solutions to help improve service levels while keeping costs in check.
January 2019  
Customer Engagement 2019—Top Trends, Predictions and Priorities - Nuance with guest Forrester Research
Listen as we explore the trends, predictions and priorities that will shape the future of customer engagement in 2019—and beyond.
Avoiding the Perils of Metric Mismanagement - Talkdesk 
What are the most important metrics in your contact center? Listen to this webcast to learn how to use those metrics in the most effective way to define and measure your team’s progress towards success.
Meet Your 2019 Goals for AI and Analytics - Verint 
Whether your goal is to cut costs, improve processes, or to reduce churn, make 2019 the year you take action!