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nVoq Agent Assist Tools - Designed by Agents for Agents to Harness the Benefits of RPA


Presented By: nVoq

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has long been touted as the technological foundation of a revolutionary movement to improve the cost-efficiency of contact center operations while paving a new path to consistently superior customer experiences.

While the potential for providing these benefits is undeniable, the accompanying implementation challenges can be daunting.

First, many companies simply cannot justify the high cost of software licenses and server equipment. Others cannot get beyond the obstacle of adapting complex software that requires coding skills to implement, or the resulting long-term dependency on third-party consultants to manage and maintain RPAs. The bottom line: most organizations are not achieving a timely ROI on their RPA project investment.

However, there are viable alternatives that can streamline and simplify workflow at the agent desktop, without the prohibitive cost and complexity of traditional RPAs.

Colorado-based nVoq offers a low-overhead, easy-to-learn, cloud-based automations platform (AgentAssist) that’s compatible with any CRM platform or knowledge base. AgentAssist automations are designed to work in “attended” fashion within real-time agent “taskflow” at the desktop, vs. standard RPA solutions which are designed to work in the background.   

AgentAssist automations are designed by agents to enable easy, efficient transactions with a simple mouse click. Agents can quickly maneuver through multiple desktop screens, execute scripts, find, capture and copy information into multiple applications, and many other time-saving functions.  This enables agents to maintain focus on the customer, even in the most complex transactions, and provide highly accurate, lightning-fast responses to their customers.  The results:  lower cost per contact, higher agent engagement and increased customer satisfaction.

With AgentAssist, taskflow automations can be configured once and deployed to thousands of agents within minutes. There’s no application integration needed for AgentAssist automations; they work directly with any CRM platform or knowledge base. As a cloud-based SaaS solution, AgentAssist reduces the need for IT assistance.  There is no software to install, no dedicated servers or equipment required, and no waiting weeks for expert support. The AgentAssist platform is easily maintained within the center without having to bring in high-priced consultants - allowing organizations to see demonstrable ROI in just weeks or months, not years. 

In today’s service industry, every minute counts.  AgentAssist enables contact centers to repurpose every minute – and every hour – spent on unproductive, repetitive tasks to higher-value customer service and retention activities.  Learn more about the benefits of AgentAssist in our upcoming webinar.