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Leaving the Legacy Behind - Talkdesk Brings the Contact Center Up to Speed with the Digital World


Presented By: Talkdesk

 It’s not something you haven’t heard before; the transition from premises-based to cloud-based systems has been going on for more than ten years. Cloud initiatives are now commonplace in every type of business system…CRM, Helpdesk, HR, and Finance.  But despite the clear ROI now being achieved by digital transformation projects and the pressing need to better serve customers who want to communicate more effectively with businesses on the channels of their choice, the contact center world has been dragging its collective feet in fully embracing the benefits of the cloud.  

Many organizations cling to their on-premise systems, with closets full of servers that require the hovering attention of IT personnel to make sure they keep running.  Why aren’t more companies taking the necessary steps to modernize? Perhaps the most significant reason is the perception that the contact center is a cost center. This old-line thinking requires that contact centers wring the most out of every dollar ever spent, regardless of the impact on the customer. To be fair, it’s often a painful decision for organizations to pony up the costs required to update their legacy systems.  They are left with the choice of paying way too much to upgrade an outdated system or simply standing pat while their customer experience takes a downhill trajectory.

Legacy systems built before the digital age can’t keep up with the needs of today’s channel-hopping customers who are ready to move on after one bad experience with a company. And, not all cloud platforms are created equal. Many businesses that jumped in with first-generation solutions are still faced with the lingering issues of substandard reliability, lack of integration and limited flexibility, as well as poor call quality. Customer service providers require a contact center platform that offers the combination of agility and performance that can support their needs.

That’s where Talkdesk comes into the picture. As one of the industry’s first cloud-native enterprise contact center providers, the company offers a Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) enterprise solution designed to meet the evolving requirements of the digital world.

For the second consecutive year in 2018, Talkdesk was cited as Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS in North America. The solution was also given credit for such statistics such as 346% increased ROI, 19% improvement in NPS and up to $7.2 million savings realized in improved agent occupancy rates and lower churn rates in a recent Forrester report on its Total Economic Impact.

The secret lies in Talkdesk’s cloud-native architecture, which now supports enterprise global brands running multiple thousands of agent positions around the world. Since Talkdesk has been built from the ground up to scale elastically, additional seats can be provisioned without sacrificing quality or security. Unlike early monolithic cloud platforms where a bug in any module can impact the availability of the entire application, Talkdesk is a next-gen solution built on microservices architectures. This allows companies to easily leverage such key attributes as intelligent routing, contextual customer data, CSAT, actionable reporting and more without the complexities of having to rewrite the entire solution. Businesses can keep their contact center agile with non-technical personnel able to easily configure IVR and routing with clicks, as opposed to needing IT people to write code. The platform can accommodate organizations with as few as five seats as well as enterprises with thousands of seats. It is used by a diverse group of businesses in media, online retailing, consumer services and more, meeting the varying needs of such organizations as Showtime, the Weather Channel, PBS, Shopify, Peloton, and Peet’s Coffee and Tea.

The Talkdesk for Service platform enables businesses to get started within days and extend their capabilities by taking advantage of more than 30 integrations and AppConnect, their in-house app shot which enables companies to “try before they buy” for 30 days such functionalities as voice analytics, WFO, WFM, video, co-browsing and more. Clients can also integrate Callbar, which enables them to maximize rep flexibility and streamline workflows with a fully-integrated web dialer. Agents can leverage click-to-call from any website and receive alerts whenever calls are received without the need to search through tabs in their browser.

Talkdesk offers some of the deepest integrations with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Oracle. Additional integrations can be done through Talkdesk’s Open API. The Talkdesk environment can actually “live” within these CRM environments, allowing companies to bring all the contact center data into the reporting and dashboards field that they are comfortable in using.

The Talkdesk CCaaS platform has proven its ability to move the needle on vital SLA metrics; driving CSAT improvements of up to 19%, agent productivity improvement of up to 20%, time-to-answer reductions of up to 21% and lower wait times by up to 23%. By deploying this next-gen solution to finally bring their contact center into the digital age, businesses can immediately boost operating efficiency, cut costs, and most importantly, make their customers happier. 

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