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2023 Investment Priorities - Balancing Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Operating Costs

Verint® Systems

Presented By: Verint® Systems


Speakers: Donna Fluss, President, DMG Consulting, and

Jason Valdina, Senior Director Product Marketing, Verint

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About the Webcast

More than ever, businesses are faced with critical decisions about where to invest their customer engagement and customer service resources. According to a recent worldwide survey conducted by DMG Consulting on CX and contact center goals for 2023, companies are staying on track and even increasing their investments in multi-year digital transformation initiatives.   

Over the past five years, the top service-related priority for businesses is to enhance the CX. It’s the same for this year. So what’s different in 2023?

This year, enhancing employee engagement is of primary importance along with reducing operating costs and improving productivity. These goals may seem contradictory, but they are proving to be aligned and helping enterprises improve their bottom line. Join this webcast as we discuss:   

  • The primary goals for contact centers and what investments are being planned to achieve them.  
  • How contact center goals and investment strategies have evolved in recent years. Where is your organization in this transformation?
  • How organizations are prioritizing digital self-service and conversational AI.
  • How digital transformation initiatives are enhancing customer service.
  • Where will contact center employees be working from over the next few years and what organizations need to take into consideration.

    About the Presenters

    Donna Fluss, Founder & President, DMG Consulting

    Donna Fluss is founder and president of DMG Consulting, a provider of contact center and analytics research, market analysis and consulting. For three decades she has helped emerging and established companies build differentiated contact centers that deliver outstanding customer experiences. She is a recognized visionary, author, speaker, and driver of transformation and innovation - providing strategic counsel for enterprises, solution providers, and the investment community.

    Jason Valdina, Go-To-Market Senior Director, Verint

    Jason is an accomplished digital strategy and customer experience professional and is the Senior Director of Digital-First Engagement Channel Strategy at Verint, a customer engagement software solutions provider based in New York.