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AAA Washington

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Presented By: Verint® Systems

  • The Problem:
    This case study is presented by Verint Systems

    AAA Washington sought a functionally-rich, enterprise solution that would enable it to identify issues impacting the overall service it delivers to customers, as well as comply with insurance industry regulations. “We are in a constant state of improvement,” noted Janet Ryan, AAA Washington Director of Call Center Operations. “We are always looking for ways to optimize operational efficiency and the customer experience.”

  • Solution:
    ULTRA™ with IntelliFind™ speech analytics and IntelliMiner™
    performance analytics

  • Result:
    ULTRA and ULTRA analytics have equipped AAA Washington to more readily meet its compliance requirements and customer experience objectives. Additionally, the ULTRA solutions have helped the organization achieve significant improvements in operational effectiveness.
    • Reduced insurance payouts by $100,000 per year because it is now easier to investigate and substantiate claims
    • Experienced a 400% efficiency gain in agent evaluations, today performing twice as many evaluations in half the time
    • Reduced the number of billing inquiry calls by identifying the reasons for high call volumes
    • Increased agent proficiency and promoted greater satisfaction among customers and staff

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