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2019 Tech Tank Multi – Vendor Roundtable

 Presented By: CrmXchange

2019 Tech Tank Multi-Vendor Roundtables:   

Contact center technology is constantly advancing, providing new capabilities to improve the customer experience. But what do you really need to know about the latest solutions? It’s how you can quickly and cost-effectively implement new applications, seamlessly integrate them with your existing systems and most important, use them to resolve issues and improve service levels in your operation.

Tech Tank is a new series of interactive, benefit-driven webcasts on CrmXchange which gives you instant access to multiple applications from the comfort of your office. You’ll have the opportunity to see dynamic demonstrations by leading solution providers, ask questions and provide feedback on which programs offer the most potential for making immediate improvement. 


February 7 

Preparing for the Future of Workforce Management


April 16

Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations


June 4

AI and RPA - Transforming Customer Service 


September 10 

Analytics: Speech, Text, Performance and Predictive

  October 29 Customer Delight - Live Demonstrations of Breakthrough Innovations
  December 4   Enhancing Customer Engagement – Trends for 2019 and Beyond