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8 Reasons Why Professional IT Companies need CRM


Presented By: CrmXchange

Contributed by Irfan Ak

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology isn’t new. It has been used for decades and is considered the most important tool for businesses of all types and sizes. The advanced CRM technology is expected to reach$128.97 billion in 2028, which shows a CAGR of 12.1% in the coming years. Every business is unique in terms of services, products and strategies, but when it comes to customer experience, every business needs a CRM.

With the help of a CRM, you can provide a first-class customer experience which will eventually give your business a competitive edge over others and drive more revenue. Whether you are a mobile app development company, online clothing store or service-based agency, it is important to develop a meaningful relationship with your customers. With the help of a CRM system, business leaders can easily manage interactions and relationships with their customers, boost productivity and collect useful insights. 

A survey suggests that businesses that have integrated a CRM system into their business strategy have observed a 27% increase in the customer retention rate. Another survey suggests that 74% of marketers believe that CRM software gives them valuable customer data that they can use for offering personalized services. If truth be told, a CRM software improves the customer data quality and increases the marketer’s ability to attract and retain more and new paying customers.

Many businesses use CRM solutions to delight their customers, drive more value, boost customer engagement and generate more profit. If your company hasn’t implemented a CRM solution into its business strategy, here are a few reasons why your business should use a CRM.

1.       Boost Productivity

2.       Drive More Sales

3.       Increase Customer Engagement

4.       Efficient Reporting

5.       Grow Your Business

6.       Strengthen Your Marketing Effort

7.       Offer Personalized Customer Experience

8.       Visually Showcase Data


1.       Boost Productivity 

According toNucleus Research, businesses that embrace CRM technology experience a 14.6% increase in productivity and shorten the sales cycle by 8-14%. With the help of a CRM system, business leaders can provide a number of activities and create automated actions that can be scheduled at specific times.

There is no need to chase cold leads or complete repetitive admin tasks on spreadsheets. Thanks to the advanced features of CRM software that allows the sales and marketing team to access customer data, collaborate and communicate across different departments. It provides marketers with a great opportunity to nurture relationships with customers and create personalized experiences to delight them.

2.       Drive More Sales 

Implementing a CRM system allows marketers to engage with potential customers and send them personalized offers that entice them to make more purchases. A brilliant CRM system enables sales and marketing teams to segment customers based on their interests and purchasing ability. Marketers can use valuable customer data to improve sales processes, create personalized email marketing campaigns and provide better customer service.

It enables the sales team to forecast the number of leads and set realistic revenue goals. Furthermore, it helps your marketing team to deliver targeted and personalized content to your prospects, which will eventually help you keep your customers happy and achieve more sales quotas.

3.       Increase Customer Engagement

Okay, it is another major reason why your business needs CRM software. CRM can store valuable customer data that your sales and marketing team can use to nurture prospects and convert them into paying customers. With the advent of advanced CRM solutions, now marketers can integrate different useful tools that can create result-oriented email marketing campaigns, landing pages, lead forms and other advertising campaigns that can easily keep your prospects happy.

According to a study conducted by Cloudswave, businesses that use a CRM solution can reduce marketing cost by 23%. You can segment customers and build a more meaningful interaction with your customers that increase customer engagement. 

4.       Efficient Reporting 

Using CRM allows the sales and marketing team to collect and organize data of your existing and prospective customers. The CRM dashboard and the advanced reporting system allows marketers to automate and manage business processes. The highly efficient CRM software solution helps team members to track their performance, close highly qualified leads and earn more profit.

An efficient CRM solution is packed with reliable reporting tools that can easily access customer history, upcoming actions and important data that make it easier to forecast sales pipeline. It helps every team member to stay on the same page and strategically aligned.

5.       Grow Your Business

CRM helps marketers and business owners to take their business towards new heights of success. CRM software that is packed with efficient tools and features help you to grow your business. You can access valuable customer data, forecast trends and easily craft your company’s long-term goals.

Business owners can use CRM data to craft their marketing plan and improve their products or services. It is a tried and tested strategy that helps businesses to reach their goals, stay on the right track and get a better return on investment for marketing campaigns.

6.       Offer Personalized Customer Experience 

When you have important information related to your customers such as their interests, behavior and other important data, your marketing team can create personalized marketing campaigns for your targeted customers. The marketing team can collaborate with the sales team to sell more products and services.

By delivering targeted content to your potential and existing customers, you can easily deliver more personalized experiences to your customers, fulfill your customers’ needs and demands and solve their pain points. 

7.       Visually Showcase Data

CRM software has the ability to store your customer data in a central place that allows business leaders to easily access customer data. Now there is no need to manually import data or figure out what is most important or create a graphical representation of the data. With the help of CRM software, every team member can easily access the important information from one single platform. The dashboard can display all the important data you need to create reports, launch campaigns or take well-informed business decisions.

8.       Strengthen Your Marketing Effort 

An effective CRM platform helps you capture data and valuable insights about your target audience and industry, it makes it a bit easier for marketers to create highly relevant and personalized campaigns. You can take maximum advantage of data to create dynamic content and automated messaging.

Furthermore, with automated campaigns and messaging, your marketing team can invest more effort into creating a solid strategy to nurture leads. With a CRM platform, you can better prioritize marketing leads and sales qualified leads. The sales team can focus on promoting the right products and services. Customer sales representatives can easily solve the complex needs and demands of customers.

It will ultimately help your company to market your products or services and enable its employees to better serve its customers. 

Final Note 

All in all, using CRM software for your IT company is a worthwhile decision that enables marketers to use advanced technology and data to serve your customers, solve their problems and lead to a successful business.

Irfan Ak is an tech savvy & experienced digital content strategist. He is a regular contributor on various websites. He has worked with several brands and created value for them.