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CallFinder Enhances Flagship Speech Analytics Solution with Speech-to-Text Transcription and Emotion and Sentiment Analysis


Presented By: CallFinder

Vermont-based CallFinder uses a simple slogan to extol the benefits of their cloud-based speech analytics solution: Powerful. Affordable. Easy. The company takes these characteristics seriously when developing new products and capabilities to enhance their highly scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution used by businesses across a wide range of industries including BPOs, collections, retail and wholesale, finance and banking, insurance, manufacturing, utilities, and more.    

Based on years of experience and client feedback, CallFinder has uniquely taken advantage of powerful leading speech analytics technologies to deliver the only available solution that optimizes performance, functionality, and user experience without compromise. The CallFinder solution processes calls in near real-time to systematically uncover emerging trends and transform unstructured, unleveraged data from agent-customer interactions and delivers actionable business insights that improve agent performance and shape a consistently superior customer experience.

The company’s automated speech analytics solution, recently enhanced with speech-to-text transcription, enables its clients to quickly read and search transcripts of every agent-customer interaction for specific keywords and phrases, pinpointing the individual calls where they are found. Using CallFinder’s speech-to-text transcription engine gives businesses the ability to perform in-depth analysis of all interactions taking place in their contact centers. When coupled with CallFinder’s automated call, agent, and team scorecards, full transcripts of every interaction provide businesses with complete information and unbiased scoring methodology for 100% of contact center interactions.

In addition, CallFinder users will gain a deeper understanding of call outcomes with Emotion Detection and Sentiment Analysis for every call summarized graphically. In its simplest form, sentiment detection uses specific words and phrases to quantify the mood of a conversation. For example, if during a customer conversation the words “I’m so happy with my new…” are spoken, this indicates a positive sentiment, whereas the words “You’re not understanding my needs…” would be scored as a negative sentiment.

When sentiment analysis scores are compared across data sets including date ranges, varying agent groups, and other criteria, the data gathered can be used for a variety of benefits such as determining the necessary steps to improve agent training and coaching, enhance contact center performance, and elevate the customer experience.

With CallFinder’s new sentiment analysis and emotion detection features, organizations will quickly identify significant trends in customer and employee pain points, target areas for improvement in the contact center, and enable businesses to get a better handle on overall customer satisfaction.

Why is it becoming increasingly critical for businesses to access and analyze customer emotions? It’s a tool that provides Quality Assurance Managers with a competitive advantage to more closely monitor contact center performance, focus in on specific agent performance, and determine the most relevant customer experience metrics. CallFinder’s Emotion Analysis uses acoustic features to determine if a series of utterances detect emotions. Any subtle change in intonation, volume, or tone of speech can trigger an emotion classification.

Combined with CallFinder reports, these added features give businesses a crystal clear picture of why a specific customer-facing employee may have been successful at saving a customer who called to cancel, and better evaluate the impact of a call where an employee has gone off-script. Such insights are valuable in helping companies develop and adjust internal training programs to address a wide variety of agent-customer scenarios.

CallFinder designs its flexible solutions for ease of use and affordability, offering usage-based pricing to fit the budgetary needs, and also offers a managed solution through its MyAnalyst Client Support service. A CallFinder QM and speech analytics specialist recently presented a case-study webcast, focusing on how a major auto aftermarket finance and insurance specialist was able to achieve tangible improvements including double digit reductions in handle time and increased efficiency throughout the organization. Click here to listen to the recording.