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With the ability to free up time for your agents, automated dialing can greatly improve communications and productivity within your call centers and ultimately increase your company’s bottom line. 

When considering different types of dialers for your company, be sure to read our reports by the industry experts for sound information, advice and guidance. Here you can find the answers to your questions, including whether your company should purchase its own software system or use a hosted solution.

Stay up-to-date and see how these top technological improvements can help your company save money. Read how new systems can reduce agent downtime on the telephone, more accurately detect answering machines and provide faster connects and disconnects. Learn all there is to know about collection, inbound and outbound automated dialing and much more. Further educate yourself and enhance the overall effectiveness of your call center and company in no time. To locate vendors click here.

Predictive Dialers

  • Five Ways to Make Outbound Roar
    — Presented By: NICE inContact

    Download this white paper to learn five ways that having the right outbound communication tools can enable contact center leaders to attain performance that drives results.

  • Integrated vs. Unified: Five Reasons Why Contact Centers Must Get Unified
    — Presented By: Aspect

    Imagine your contact center as a jigsaw puzzle, but each of the pieces has been provided by a different puzzle maker. One created the automatic call distributor piece, another the voice portal piece, another the predictive dialer piece, and still others the Internet contact, workforce management, recording and quality management pieces. Completing the puzzle to make it look like the picture shown on the lid of the box has become a futile effort – the pieces just won’t fit the way they should.