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Voice of the Customer Software White Papers

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Voice of the Customer (VOC) describes the in-depth process of capturing a customer's expectations, preferences and aversions. This is a research technique that produces a detailed set of customer wants and needs, organized into a hierarchical structure, and then prioritized in terms of relative importance and satisfaction with current alternatives. Advancements have enabled businesses to more accurately capture VOC data.

The following Voice of the Customer white papers can teach organizations how to capture valuable customer feedback, enabling the organization to learn more about their customer's experiences and expectations.

Voice of the Customer Software White Papers

  • Measuring Voice of the Customer
    — Presented By: CallMiner

    As customers expect every experience to be more personalized there’s one thing that every organization can benefit from understanding better the Voice of the Customer (VoC).  Without this understanding, an organization can’t truly comprehend what its audience wants and expects.

  • Transforming the Contact Center into a Customer Intelligence Hub
    — Presented By: Calabrio

    Most organizations lack the proper technology and are overwhelmed by the volume and unstructured nature of their VOC data. Finally, new technologies make it easy and cost-efficient to turn your VOC data into actionable insights.