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Voice of the Customer (VOC) describes the in-depth process of capturing a customer's expectations, preferences and aversions. This is a research technique that produces a detailed set of customer wants and needs, organized into a hierarchical structure, and then prioritized in terms of relative importance and satisfaction with current alternatives. Advancements have enabled businesses to more accurately capture VOC data.

The following Voice of the Customer white papers can teach organizations how to capture valuable customer feedback, enabling the organization to learn more about their customer's experiences and expectations.

Voice of the Customer Software White Papers

  • The Open CCaaS Advantage
    — Presented By: Verint® Systems

    The report demonstrates the shortcomings of traditional CCaaS solutions and gives you a guide to creating genuine ROI by building CX automation into the heart of your contact center applications.

  • Introducing the Customer Experience Myths Guidebook
    — Presented By: Verint® Systems

    What CX myths are holding organizations back from top-level customer experience performance? What can companies do to find solid ground and move forward successfully?

  • Manage the Relationship, Not the Contact
    — Presented By: NICE CXone

    Gain a fresh perspective on managing Customer eXperience interactions without the blinders on.  Read this Ventana white paper, “Manage the Relationship, Not the Contact”. The risks of relying on a distorted and incomplete view CX leadership requires strategic visibility CX

  • 3 Steps to Craft an Impactful Customer Experience Strategy
    — Presented By: CallMiner

  • Engagement Capacity Gap™: How Organizations Are Evolving to Address New Challenges in 2022
    — Presented By: Verint® Systems

    Organizations must continue to take steps to close the Engagement Capacity Gap, and this report offers insights and actionable strategies to help you succeed. Access the full report here to read our findings on changing consumer preferences, new workforce dynamics, and the five key challenges and opportunities for 2022.

  • Why Customer Experience is a Team Sport
    — Presented By: Kustomer

    In this guide we will explore how each department within an organization fits together to create a perfect, customer centric whole, and why the information that support teams gather can improve the entire organization.

  • Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences
    — Presented By: UiPath

    Often, rigid process and high maintenance costs lead to disappointing KPI's.  There is a fix, and this fix leverages your existing technology stack, protecting your investment.  Robotic process automation (RPA) helps enterprises leverage the full potential of contact center technology for a stronger customer experience.

  • The 12 Customer Emotions Brands Must Understand
    — Presented By: CallMiner

    The 12 Customer Emotions Brands Must Understand details why and how emotional analysis of conversations with your customers across multiple channels is key to competing on customer experience. It discusses how technology can now identify and categorize a dozen distinct

  • The New Digital Customer Engagement For The New (Ab)Normal
    — Presented By: eGain

    Covid has changed everything. Concerned about virus exposure, consumers, including the older demographics, are moving to digital channels for customer service like never before. However, the same old limited digital capabilities do not cut it in the new environment. Read

  • Transforming the Contact Center into a Customer Intelligence Hub
    — Presented By: Calabrio

    Most organizations lack the proper technology and are overwhelmed by the volume and unstructured nature of their VOC data. Finally, new technologies make it easy and cost-efficient to turn your VOC data into actionable insights.