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Contact Center Metrics, Contact Center Planning, and How Our Metrics Make Us Do Silly Things

 Presented By: Interactive Intelligence® Makers of Bay Bridge Decisions™

Presented By: Ric Kosiba, Vice President, Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence  

On Demand Date: March 2012 


If you would like to rile up a contact center meeting, naively ask the group “Which is better, Service Level or Average Speed of Answer?” Now, step back and watch the fireworks. We use many metrics when we develop plans: some standard metrics include forecast error, occupancy and schedule efficiency, abandon rate, capture rate, as well as average speed of answer, and service levels. We do so because we are trying to describe very complex operational performance in simple terms.

But simple metrics can create unusual management behavior.

In this session, we describe some of the standard contact center metrics and show how they have botched some very big operations. The session concludes with ways in which you can improve contact center planning and reporting.

About the Presenter  


Ric is vice president of Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence and founder of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies. He holds advanced degrees in operations research and engineering from Purdue University (Go Boilers!), and enjoys discussing contact center modeling and planning. 





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