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Regulations, Tornados, and Growth - How to manage the unexpected within your contact center network

 Presented By: Interactive Intelligence® Makers of Bay Bridge Decisions™

Presented By: Ric Kosiba, Vice President, Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence  

On Demand Date: April 2012 


It’s a contact center cliché: The only constant is change. Whether the unexpected is a rebound of the economy, a weather event, or even some new edict from the government, we must somehow tame the effects of the heavens, Washington, and the invisible hand of the economy.

It is not easy, and if we knew how to forecast any of these events early enough to be able to plan specifically for them, we would certainly be in another line of work.

But even if we don’t know exactly when these events will happen, we know that they will. It doesn’t mean we cannot prepare for these events.

In this session, we discuss mathematical methods for planning in the face of change and how to prepare your contact center for the unexpected.


About the Speaker:



Ric is vice president of Bay Bridge, Interactive Intelligence and founder of Bay Bridge Decision Technologies. He holds advanced degrees in operations research and engineering from Purdue University (Go Boilers!), and enjoys discussing contact center modeling and planning.




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