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For many small companies, it may not be economically possible to purchase and implement the traditional technological resources needed for the development of an effective call center. In these instances a hosted contact center becomes an attractive alternative. Businesses can effectively utilize cloud contact center technology to improve the customer experience. In addition to offering more flexibility, these hosted contact center solutions allow smaller businesses to better service their customers and vie in the market with larger competitors.  Cloud contact centers (hosted contact centers) optimize agent efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.


What are the key features and challenges of implementing a cloud contact center as opposed to traditional solutions? Where do you start and what should you look for when seeking on demand solutions? Learn the answers to these and many more questions by reading the white papers below. Be provided with unique insights, expert advice, revealing case studies and much more valuable information from the industry leaders. Educate yourself today on contact center hosting solutions and decide if these options fit the needs of your business.  Here, you'll find hosted contact center solutions that fit your organizational needs

Hosted - Cloud Contact Centers

  • Best Practices Guide: 10 Tips for Successfully Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud
    — Presented By: NewVoiceMedia

    This best practices guide will help you to understand your top considerations when migrating to the cloud and how to make the right choices based on your business needs.

  • Universal Queuing to Level the Playing Field and Cut Costs
    — Presented By: Bright Pattern

    Register to view this recorded webinar with DJ Jones, Director of Client Services for National Marketing Resources, and Bright Pattern.

  • Customer Support Requirements Necessitate New Strategy
    — Presented By: Interactive Intelligence

    Companies need flexibility to make changes in their internal support processes to quickly respond to this market disruption. Many companies are finding that they are not capable of effectively supporting integrated cross-channel customer support. Unfortunately, these companies are often met with disconnected customer support, and decreased customer satisfaction. Read this white paper to learn how to move forward with the assurance and ease at the pace your business requires.

  • Call Center Compliance in the Cloud
    — Presented By: USAN

    Security and regulatory compliance continue to rank as top concerns preventing organizations from moving their systems to the cloud. To address these concerns, businesses are often advised to move only nonsensitive data to the cloud, but this limits the benefits that can be had from moving systems off premise. Dismissing the cloud due to regulatory compliance concerns presents a missed opportunity. Download this free white paper today!

  • The Hidden ROI of a Cloud-based Contact Center
    — Presented By: Five9

    In this concise analysis of two recent contact center executive surveys, Aberdeen Group analysts discuss how cloud-based infrastructure enables contact centers to excel in key activities including center activity reporting, agent performance feedback and more.

  • Understanding the Customer Experience - What to Measure and Why
    — Presented By: Transera

    Learn how to use the event, transaction and interaction data you already have in your call center systems to gain new insights into the lifetime journey of your customers.

  • What Happens When They Are Gone
    — Presented By: VoltDelta

    This White Paper identifies the important characteristics of a vendor's cloud contact center support organization to help you deliver exceptional customer care. It identifies key "markers" that should cause you to probe a little more to ensure that the vendor you select will be a partner for your long term success.

  • How To Prepare Contact Centers For Anything
    — Presented By: inContact

    When asked why they hesitate to move their contact center strategy to the cloud, many contact center executives invariably respond with one of several widely voiced concerns. Do you have those same concerns? Read about them here.

  • Thinking about moving your contact center to the cloud? Get the Cloud Checklist
    — Presented By: inContact

    The 10-Point Checklist can help you go beyond just product features. You may be concerned about supporting customers across new contact channels. Or you might want to know how other contact centers have solved similar challenges. By asking the right questions, you'll be more prepared to make a good choice

  • Top Questions to Ask About Cloud Contact Centers
    — Presented By: inContact

    Leading global analyst firm Ovum has identified three criteria for evaluating competing cloud contact center solutions: technology, vendor positioning and customer sentiment. With this checklist you'll be ready to get the proof you need--proof in the cloud.

  • Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report
    — Presented By: NewVoiceMedia

    The contact center infrastructure market is at a significant inflection point, with the cloud infrastructure market booming and showing no signs of slowing, while the on-premise sector is struggling to hold its own. Cloud solutions may not be right for everyone, but it’s clear that they are appealing to a steadily increasing number of companies, large and small and across all segments. Businesses around the world are adopting cloud contact center solutions, but are they right for you? This report provides the guidance you need to build the business case.\

  • Strategies for Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud
    — Presented By: USAN

    This white paper will help you find your way, including three strategies and use cases for moving your contact center to the cloud: Cloud Strategy #1: Put it all in the cloud | Cloud Strategy #2: Put some of it in the cloud | Cloud Strategy #3: A fully hosted solution with some on-premise hardware

  • Roadmap for Selecting a Contact Center Infrastructure Solution
    — Presented By: Five9

    This whitepaper by industry analyst Donna Fluss provides a roadmap that will get you to the best option for your business, and outlines how your organization can: • Narrow your choices swiftly and intelligently, using best-practice RFI and RFP processes • Keep the selection process objective by minimizing the impact of inevitable, relationship-focused sales tactics • Accurately compare and contrast solutions using an 11-point decision matrix that distills the most important criteria • Negotiate a favorable contract with best-practice tips on key issues like implementation specifics, bandwidth, training and more.

  • Debunking 5 Myths of Hosted Contact Centers
    — Presented By: USAN

    This whitepaper presents five common gotchas associated with cloud call centers and how they compare to on-premise software.

  • 10 Reasons to Consider a Cloud-Based Contact Center Solution
    — Presented By: Five9

    Download the buyer’s guide and learn: • How to support the unique needs of your company, with a scalable and flexible solution that can quickly ramp up to handle changing business conditions • How to reduce capital costs with a cloud-based platform that eliminates hardware and software while delivering the latest technological innovations • How to enhance your customers’ experience with blended call center features that make sure callers get the service they need—on the first call