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CRM Mobile Strategy

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Mobile Marketing enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

CRM Mobile Strategy

  • Mobile WFM Defining Success for Next Generation Contact Centers
    - Presented by Uptivity, an inContact Company
    Smart phones and tablets are now universal tools providing anywhere-anytime communication. These mobile devices empower managers to monitor and respond to changing contact center operations in real time. Forward-looking contact centers can use such advanced technology to better manage operations and service customer needs. This whitepaper explores advantages of using an integrated workforce management system with mobile devices to attain superior efficiency at less cost.  Read More...
  • Mobile Strategy and Insights for the Contact Center
    - Presented by Virtual Hold
    With more than one billion smartphones anticipated to be in use by 2013, it’s time for contact center managers to figure out how to leverage the capabilities while managing the challenges presented by a mobile handset that can do just about anything that can be done on a desktop computer. The smartphone tsunami, or mobile customer relationship management (CRM) convergence, calls for smart, sophisticated contact center solutions. What’s your mobile strategy?  Read More...