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Furniture has evolved from being a simple decision to a major contact center purchasing decision. Large selections of ergonomic workstation options are available in terms of style, color, and quality. Many factors have lead to this change.

Ergonomics has played a major part in bringing attention to furniture choices. The call center agent is one of the most valuable assets that a service center has. Keeping the agents healthy and happy can greatly reduce turnover and increase productivity. When purchasing furniture make sure that the agent computer workstations are ergonomically correct. This means that the environment can be adjusted to fit different users, for example, purchasing station keyboard mechanisms that are height adjustable to fit an individual user. Another example is providing a chair featuring adjustments for different users. Taking the time to make the right ergonomic furniture purchases now can reduce agent medical expenses and time away from work. Ergonomically correct furniture can help to reduce repetitive motion injuries that are often associated with contact center work. It can also make an agent more comfortable, and therefore more productive.

Today’s furniture must be technology friendly. It must be able to incorporate computers, phone and data lines, printers, and the cabling that goes along with technology requirements. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just setting a computer on a desk and plugging it in. It is important to have easy access to the cables and wires that keeps the agent connected, while keeping the wires protected from the abuse that an agent can inflict. Many wire management options are available in the market today; make sure to consider this when purchasing furniture.

A third key factor in bringing furniture to the forefront of decision makers mind is quality and price. Many foreign, inexpensive options flood the market. A Center’s furniture should be durable enough to withstand a 24/7 usage environment, and include a warranty support it. Some furniture options include a lifetime warranty. This is a huge bonus for high-use environments. Another item to keep in mind is that if there is a problem who will be able to fix it and how soon. Look for a company that takes pride in customer service and is easy to contact.

With all of the furniture options available, management should take the above factors into consideration. It also helps to work with a company that specializes in call centers and is familiar with the issues that they face.

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