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Technology Innovation Showcase

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CRMXchange is proud to introduce the Technology Innovation Showcase, a new series of live web presentations by leading solution providers. These monthly 30-minute sessions, will provide detailed analysis, informative slides and specific case studies. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get the facts you need to make a business case for adapting new solutions in your operation.

The schedule is below. Each Technology Innovation Showcase will be recorded, so if you miss the live presentation, you can listen to it later.



Gain Visibility Into Customer Interactions With The Combined Power of Automated Scorecards, Transcription and Sentiment Analysis 

 August 13, 2019  



Speech Analytics - Insights, Guidance and IVR Innovation - Join us for an introduction to GRACE, a voice-bot, who can be used to supplement your existing workforce by handling repetitive call types and/or be your IVR replacement.
 TechSee   Ahead of the KPI Curve - How Visual Assistance Delivers Across all Contact Center Metrics - An emerging technology, Remote Visual Assistance is enabling agents to exceed all their targets across FCR, AHT, and NPS.  Listen to learn more.
 inContact Smaller   The Perfect Pair - Quality & Analytics in your Contact Center  - Are you curious how analytics can impact your quality management? During this webcast we address both analytics and QM, and how they’re coupled together. 
 ASPECT   Why Every Contact Center Needs Performance Management -   Join Aspect in a hands-on review of how Performance Management can make a huge difference in both customer engagement and contact center efficiency.
 Jacada   Smart Agent Assistant - Intelligent Automation with a Human touch from within the Agent's Desktop - During this webcast we demonstrate the Smart Agent Assistant, an RPA bot working side by side with the call center agent to amplify productivity. 


 SharpenCX   How to Provide Your Contact Center With a Better Agent and Customer Experience - Join us as we show how Sharpen provides organizations with strong coaching and training tools which improve the agent and customer experience.
 fonolo   What Can Contact Centers Expect from AI? - In this webcast, see how Fonolo is addressing the challenge of voice-call platform long hold-times by enabling call-backs.
 CreativeVirtualV5   Humans and AI - The Perfect CX Power Couple - Watch this webcast for an inside look at bringing together AI and human input to provide quality self-service options, improve live chat and contact center performance, and increase customer satisfaction scores.
 ASPECT   Cloud Customer Engagement Platform: A Deep-Dive Demo of Must-Have Capabilities - Listen to this demo where we showcase Aspect Via®, the complete customer engagement platform in the cloud including: native interaction management, workforce optimization, IVR, and digital self-service.
 Jacada   Contact Center Automation Made Robust with Customer Service RPA - Join us as we demonstrate the productivity gains that Customer Service RPA brings to contact center automation and how leading contact centers are already driving substantial value from automation.
 Evolve IP   Best Practices: Empowering your Call Center Agents and Remote Workforce to Deliver A Great Customer Experience - In this webcast we will discuss different aspects of contact center technology that you can utilize to help your call center agents and remote workers deliver a great customer experience.
 ASPECT   Speech Analytics Demystified  - Join Aspect for a demonstration of how speech analytics work on real customer data and learn how you can enjoy great benefits throughout your contact center.
 Virtual Hold    Reduce Customer Effort and Improve Operations - VHT Navigator is a customer engagement solution that empowers the customer to get where they want to go while enabling your organization to navigate the experience in real-time and gather valuable details about your customers’ journeys. 

Practical Applications of AI in Customer Service - Join us as we demonstrate Verascape’s Automated Customer Engagement Platform, ACE. ACE is a cloud-based solution that quickly and seamlessly integrates with existing contact center systems.

 UJET   Connecting with Your Customers Where It Matters Most - Companies lose over $62 billion a year in business due to poor customer support experiences. See the benefits of a solution that offers complete native integration in every channel and seamless integration.
When Agents and Supervisors Collaborate in the Cloud - CXone WFO - Follow a day in the life of a contact center supervisor and agent and learn how easy it is to collaborate in the cloud with CXone WFO.
 inContact logo   Using Analytics to Understand the Complete Customer Experience - Join this webcast to learn how Omnichannel Analytics can be used in your contact center to understand, track, and improve customer experiences.
 ASPECT   How to Overcome Workforce Optimization Issues - During this session, we will review common Workforce Optimization challenges, how to overcome them, and discuss features and benefits of Workforce Management in the Cloud.
ASPECT    Linking Coaching to Consolidated Performance Dashboards Drives Result - Join us as we discuss how Aspect’s Performance Management has delivered quantifiable ROIs for customers.
Fonolo   Discovering the ROI of Call-Back Solutions for Your Contact Center - Find out why an increasing number of contact centers are better handling call-volume spikes, lowering abandonment, and reducing cost-per-call, by using call-back technology. 
Virtual Hold   Why Being One with the Cloud is the Answer for Callback - Exposing callback services to your entire organization for enhanced customer experiences across any channel immediately is now a real possibility.