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The Perfect Pair - Quality & Analytics in your Contact Center

NICE inContact

Presented By: NICE inContact


Presented by: Lauren Comer, NICE inContact and

Amir Cohen, Product Marketing Manager, NICE

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About the Webcast

You may be familiar with quality management (QM), and your contact center might have a quality program in place today. But what if you’re still not getting the results you desire?  What’s all the hype about using analytics to drive quality activities, and how can this help you?

Analytics allow you to examine every interaction, identify outcomes and evaluate the overall experience. Quality Management Analytics leverages insights to make your quality program more precise and efficient.

Do any of these sound like your contact center? 

  • Your evaluators know the type and length of interaction they want to evaluate — but like Goldilocks, they tediously listen to multiple call recordings to find the “right” one.
  • Your evaluators want to review interactions on a specific topic but must sift through hundreds to find the right type.
  • Your consumer surveys indicate unhappy customers, but your QM evaluations don’t reflect this.
  • Your agents feel QM processes work against them.

Did you answer “yes” to any of the above? Are you curious how analytics can impact your quality management? During this webcast we address both analytics and QM, and how they’re coupled together. Engage in a live discussion on QM. Then, experience a demonstration of NICE inContact CXone Quality Management Analytics. You’ll learn how incorporating analytics into your QM process can result in more efficiency and a stronger customer experience.


(Please note, an internet outage occurred during the presentation which resulted in a quick change in the order of presenter and the presentation)

About the Presenters

Lauren Comer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NICE inContact

Lauren is a Senior Product Marketing Manager with NICE inContact, focusing on Workforce Optimization. Prior to her role in marketing, Lauren spent time with NICE inContact in Sales Engineering and Business Consulting. She previously led customer service and sales teams at Monsanto and Bank of America, gaining real-world contact center insights and perspective on how NICE inContact can help organizations create meaningful customer experiences.

Amir Cohen, Product Marketing Manager, NICE

Amir Cohen has been managing and creating WFO products for contact center for over 10 years. As a Product Manager, Amir is responsible for conceiving and leading new product initiatives. Amir has been managing NICE on- premise solutions and now focusing on WFO cloud based solutions, bringing a new set of features and an enhanced user experience. He has held different positions within NICE including Support Manager,  Sales Configuration Expert and Product Manager. Amir Holds a BA in Social science from the Hebrew University.