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Contact Center Gamification

Gamification introduces the challenging and fun aspects of gaming into tedious work tasks. It can be deployed across the enterprise and in some cases, small and medium businesses. The objective is to influence desired behaviors among employees. Beyond the competitive and recognition aspects, gamification also creates a social collaboration environment, delivers notifications and alerts, offers live guidance within training courses, and provides analytics and performance reviews.


The inContact platform includes ACD software with skills-based routing, IVR with speech recognition, CTI capabilities, reporting, work force optimization, eLearning, agent hiring and customer feedback measurement tools. Taken together, the inContact service center platform creates an integrated, all-in-one software solution for operations seeking to support call centers, including those with a distributed workforce – either at-home or multi-site. Please see inContact’s cloud contact center solutions.

NICE Systems

NICE Systems is the worldwide leading provider of software solutions that enable organizations to take the next best action in order to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets. NICE’s solutions empower organizations to capture, analyze, and apply, in real time, insights from both structured and unstructured Big Data. This data comes from multiple sources, including phone calls, mobile apps, emails, chat, social media, video, and transactions. NICE solutions are used by over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.


Tenacity transforms contact centers into compelling, meaningful and rewarding places to work. The result? Dramatic, demonstrable reductions in agent attrition and, and significant improvements in absenteeism and performance. Today's agents are under tremendous pressure. Self-service and IVR, mean customers arrive more frustrated and with more complicated problems than ever. And the pace never lets up: idle time is at an 11-year low.  Tenacity's Retention-as-a-Service suite handles everything for you. Using its proprietary social matrix analytics and adaptive behavior change algorithms, Tenacity automatically builds community among agents, makes their work feel more meaningful, and helps them manage the stress of the job. 

Verint® Systems

Verint® is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence®, which has become a necessity in a dynamic world of massive information growth. By empowering organizations with crucial insights, Verint solutions enable decision makers to anticipate, respond and take action, and make more informed, effective and timely decisions. Our solutions are designed to address three important areas of the actionable intelligence market: customer engagement optimization; security intelligence; and fraud, risk and compliance. Verint’s vision is to create A Smarter World with Actionable Intelligence®, and today, more than 10,000 organizations in over 180 countries—including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100—already benefit from this vision.