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BBN Technologies

AVOKE Caller Experience Analytics from BBN Technologies is the first and only solution that profiles complete end-to-end telephone interactions from the caller’s perspective.  Without installing any new hardware or software, the AVOKE Call Browser system captures the caller's entire experience from dialing to hang-up - including all announcements, prompts, IVRs, queues and agents - across all sites, continents and outsource partners.  Companies use the AVOKE Call Browser system to deliver real-time caller experience dashboards, and to supply process improvement teams with complete and objective customer data.  BBN also provides professional services to quickly analyze a large volume of calls and deliver specific and quantified improvement roadmaps. 

Lior Arussy, Strativity Group

Founder and President of Strativity Group. Arussy developed the CEM methodology and is working with global 2000 clients to develop and implement customer strategies. Prior to founding Strativity Group he held the position of Corporate Vice President - General Manager, CEM Product Division at NICE Systems where he