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Speech Analytics - Insights, Guidance and IVR Innovation


Presented By: Gridspace


Presented by Roger Lee, Gridspace

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About the Webcast

There are numerous speech analytics solutions to utilize in your contact center. As you evaluate your existing speech analytics solution and/or looking to add this valuable tool, keep in mind there are similarities but also distinct differences. We will highlight those differences during this hour. Learn how:  

  1. Analytics can provide insights within the contact center as well as across the enterprise
  2. Speech analytics can use your existing QA evaluation form to automatically evaluate the population of calls
  3. To guide and relay accurate and complete information while your reps are on the phone with your customers

Join us for an introduction to GRACE, a voice-bot, who can be used to supplement your existing workforce by handling repetitive call types and/or be your IVR replacement.


About the Presenters

Roger Lee, Customer Success Leader, Gridspace

With more than two decades of combined experience in finance, operations and services management and quality, Roger has held several leadership positions and been characterized as an “other-centered leader” who fosters a transparent environment with an emphasis on engaging and actively listening to all staff and customers. He believes that finding ways to improve the customer experience is essential – and the responsibility for improvement spans the enterprise.

As part of his global travels, Roger has given several energized presentations and written articles on customer experience including the value of a CX maturity model and VOC maturity model. 

He is a certified generational trainer and served as a team leader for the Performance Excellence Network. In 2018 and 2019, Roger served as a judge for the Stevie Awards under the customer service and sales category.