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Bank of America

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  • The Problem:

    The Bank of America contact center infrastructure is 10,000 agents strong with 33 sites that handle a combined 78 million calls annually. They have 1,900 end users and at any given period, there are approximately 600 users logged onto TotalView.

    Prior to selecting TotalView Workforce Management from IEX, Bank of America sites used a combination of automated workforce management systems and manual processes. The previous workforce management structure was not leading to the results that Bank of America needed to operate an effective, efficient contact center that would satisfy its worldwide customers.

    “We needed a workforce management system that could handle our complex environment but it needed to be easy for our operations and front office teams to learn and use,” said Ann Lawrence, operations consultant for Bank of America. “TotalView Workforce Management provided us with a system that showed immediate results with employees and has had a positive impact on all of our customers.”

  • Solution:
    The initial installation of TotalView involved a dedicated Bank of America workforce management software support (WFMSS) team that worked with IEX and automatic call distributor vendor Avaya to ensure accurate installation and effective training sessions for the new workforce management system. Together with IEX, WFMSS provides continuing education on the TotalView system with conference calls, webinars and IEX training Wellcare visits.

  • Result:

    “TotalView Workforce Management has led to high user satisfaction because of the concrete information that TotalView provides to Bank of America to effectively run its contact center business,” said Lawrence.

    Customer satisfaction scores have exceeded the bank associates goals as a result of using adherence scores as an incentive for identifying behavior that exceed team goals.

    The real-time adherence feature of TotalView Workforce Management allows Bank of America’s management staff to become involved in daily operations of the contact center. The company attributes real-time adherence with fueling a cooperative attitude between the workforce and management teams.

    Overall, TotalView Workforce Management has streamlined processes across all 29 sites and significantly increased customer satisfaction since implementation.