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Charter Communications - Progressive Contact Center Based on Sophisticated Aspect Software Solutions

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  • The Problem:
    – Consolidate 300 call-handling locations into 12 standardized sites.
    – Handle inbound contacts more efficiently.

  • Solution:
    Implement Aspect® eWorkforce Management™, an industry-leading solution for optimizing contact
    center workforce performance, to increase efficiency and maximize the contact center’s effectiveness to
    help drive performance at every level of the operation. Employ Aspect® Professional Services to quickly
    and efficiently deploy Aspect eWorkforce Management and integrate the solution with existing
    disparate Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to reduce
    complexity and operational costs.

  • Result:
    – Efficient, cost-effective operation of multiple dispersed contact centers.
    – Accurate forecasting and scheduling.
    – Reduced cost per call, improved service levels and higher customer satisfaction.
    – Easy integration based on industry standard Microsoft® platforms.

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