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How Jenny Craig Used RapportBoost.AI to Drive Profitability & Engagement


Presented By: RapportBoost.AI


  • The Problem:

    Jenny Craig recognized that live chat was a new, rapidly growing channel for customer acquisition and customer service that rivaled phone and email.

    Jenny Craig constantly needed to train new live chat agents due to company growth, increasing customer demand for chat and agent turnover.

    Jenny Craig recognized that there was a fundamental difference in the nature of effective short-form communication (i.e. chat) as compared to best practices regarding long-form communication or voice communication.

  • Solution:

    RapportBoost.AI used Jenny Craig's chat data to generate RapportRoadMap™, a custom set of brand and customer communication related insights that drive engagement, retention, order size and conversions while helping agents build better rapport with customers.

    RapportBoost.AI's Saas offering, RapportCoach™, enables Jenny Craig to provide consistent, precise training to their live chat agents on an individual level so that increased gains can be captured and optimal achievement of measurable goals sustained.

  • Result:

    3 weeks  after  implementation, RapportBoost.AI helped increase Jenny Craig's chat conversion rate by 10%. This success continues. Four months later, Jenny Craig's conversion rate was up over 37% while maintaining the same levels of quality and customer satisfaction as before.

    Jenny Craig's live chat team increased operational efficiency by increasing their capacity to handle more concurrent chats, and decreasing their average time per chat.

    Jenny Craig's customers and live chat agents were more engaged and having more fun.

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