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Data Management: How It Can Boost Employee Engagement and Customer Retention


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As your company grows, so does the mountain of customer data and other information. With all that growth comes a need to manage data effectively—and in a way that makes it accessible to all relevant teams and employees throughout the company.   

Piles of data are a boon to any company, big or small, as data can be leveraged to continue growth and create better responsiveness to customer needs. But to be useful, data has to be manageable—especially to the employees who most need to use it to get their jobs done well and keep customers coming back.   

That’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions come into play. These tools help teams throughout the company work more effectively. That makes for happy employees, and, ultimately, satisfied and returning customers. ERP integration solutions can help your company manage data better as it grows—and, in turn, boost both employee engagement and improve customer retention.    

Employee Collaboration and Engagement

In order to get their jobs done and work at peak efficiency, employees need appropriate and easy-to-use tools. ERP integration creates a productive ecosystem throughout your company with smoothly managed workflows and processes that collaborate across departments. Enterprise Resource Planning software offers solutions for accounting departments, sales teams, warehouse managers, human resources employees, executives, and more, allowing them to access the information and data they need from one source.   

With ERP system integration, employees across departments can share real-time data with collaborators and relevant stakeholders. The software will have real, day-to-day impact on how work gets done in a company. Teams and team leaders will have quick access to data from various projects stored in the same place, increasing collaboration and eliminating time that might be wasted inquiring after this data. Inventory management, payroll and accounting, order processing, and more will be streamlined, creating a more effective workflow that allows for cooperation between departments.   

As employees collaborate and have ready access to the data and information they need to automate and effectively accomplish their daily tasks, they will become more engaged in their work. ERP integrated solutions will save them time and make their jobs easier—leaving your company’s employees to focus their brain power and creativity not on how to do something, but on actually doing it.    

Focus on the Customer 

Employees are the backbone and powerhouse of any company. When employees are happy, engaged, and productive, benefits can be seen throughout the organization—and no one benefits more from a happy employee than the customers. Satisfied employees care about their customers and the company’s profitability and feel invested in the company’s success. They are more likely to work harder on behalf of customers, offering better service.   

When ERP integrated solutions provide employees with the tools they need to become more productive and engaged in their work, their satisfaction directly translates into happy customers.  

Tools for Retention 

Beyond boosting employee engagement and customer satisfaction, the right ERP integration software provides tools that will help your company manage customer data and gain the insights necessary to increase retention. A CRM data entry application within your enterprise resource planning solution offers several valuable tools that lead to a greater understanding of customers and their needs:

  • Customer Profiles: Keeping and easily accessing customer profiles enables distributors and sales teams to record notes about individual customers and view purchasing trends and preferences, along with demographic and contact information.
  • Activity and Patterns: Record and analyze purchasing patterns, website visits, responses to marketing emails, and more for individual customers or data across groups
  • Follow-up: With access to the above information, marketers and sales teams can create targeted campaigns for specific customers based on collected data, offering products, promotions, and price points that are likely to keep the customers coming back.    

When looking for software options, create employee buy-in and foster engagement by asking teams for feedback along the way. In doing so, make sure you choose a product that provides solutions and makes their day-to-day work and data analysis more manageable. Select an ERP integrated system that your employees can get behind, and you’ll see increased satisfaction throughout the company, benefiting everyone from top executives to new recruits—and to new and returning customers.  

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Annabelle Smyth is a freelance writer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys writing about leadership, HR, and employee engagement. She has most recently worked with DocInfusion. When not writing and educating herself, you can find her hiking the canyons with her dog and friends.