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NETSCOUT nGeniusONE Platform Preempts Finger-Pointing by Rapidly Identifying Problems

When networking issues that affect the customer experience crop up in a next-generation contact center, the first reaction is to find someone to blame for the problem. “If user experience is poor during a call or collaboration session, transaction errors, dropped calls, long call times or long wait times may occur, all of which cause customer dissatisfaction,” says Paul Barrett, enterprise chief technology officer at NETSCOUT Systems Inc.. “Too often, the person whose job it is to look at the network is more efficient at finger-pointing than actually figuring out what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.”

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform helps enterprise organizations proactively pinpoint the root causes of service impairments that negatively affect the performance of customer-facing contact center services.  According to Barrett, the solution’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology is the key  to enabling their customers to more quickly locate and correct problems in their VoIP, video or collaboration services

“ASI works on three levels,” said Barrett. “It monitors packet flows to app service workflows and has the capacity to store packets and retain vital information. It then measures KPIs of sessions to see if they meet standards and monitors voice quality, and provides advanced diagnostics on such parameters as sound levels and echo acoustics.”

He recalls an illustrative example of these capabilities. “Over one weekend, a contact center began receiving complaints about poor voice quality. The supervisor was mystified because everything seemed to be in order. But what they didn’t know was that agents had decided to change back to previous headsets because they found the ones they were supposed to use ‘uncomfortable.’ The platform enabled them to identify this as the cause of dropped volume and rectify the situation within hours.”

nGeniusONE provides a holistic view of UC (unified communications) contact center environments, with specialized service monitors and Service Dependency maps, bringing to light the interdependencies between the service delivery components to help pinpoint the root-cause of UC issues and significantly reduce the Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR). “The platform offers proactive alerting and alarming when a problem develops,” said Barrett.

NETSCOUT is now a billion dollar company. One major factor in their growth was the 2011 acquisition of privately-held Psytechnics, Inc., a leading provider of performance management technology. The move reinforced NETSCOUT’s strategy by enabling more comprehensive management of the quality of IP Voice and Video service delivery. “The integration of Psytechnics into the NGeniusOne has greatly strengthened our capabilities,” noted Barrett.  “We are more capable than ever of deep dive troubleshooting and providing service assurance based on network data flow. Our customers now can obtain the evidence they need to resolve debates with service providers over call quality and connection issues.”