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5th HR Shared Services Asia Summit 2018

31 July – 03 August 2018  


Transform to Perform: Optimizing Your HR Shared Services to the Next Level of Efficiency!  

The HR sector has been increasingly focused driving improvements through establishing shared service centers with HR as a key component of transforming service delivery. Many organizations are either undergoing or had completed initiatives to establish HR Shared Services Centers and large majority are looking to consolidate HR transactional and operational work into the service centers either across multiple regions or globally.

This 5th HR Shared Services Asia Summit 2018 will be Asia’s premier networking and learning platform for Manufacturing, FMCG/Consumer Goods, Oil and Gas, Telco/Information Technology/Consumer Electronics, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Medical Devices/Pharmaceutical and Public Sector amongst others to discuss and share insightful experiences on streamlining HRSS processes to achieve process harmonization, deliver service efficiency, optimize change management process when transitioning HRSS, use data analytics to provide more personalized services, explore how digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics can bring value to HRSS and more!

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