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LiveOps Cloud Executive Interview

Vasili Triant, CEO, LiveOps Cloud

LiveOps Cloud CxEngage: Next-Gen CCaaS Platform Leverages Experience and Best Practices While Looking Ahead to the Future

While organizations all over the world have made 7-figure investments in their contact centers over the past ten years, most businesses still do not have the right solution in place to address the ever-increasing global demand for 24/7 customer response. The dilemma they face is that nearly all technology available simply does not have the scale, reach and integration capabilities that companies require to deliver consistently superior customer experiences. 

“Even with all of the advances that have been made recently in cloud contact centers, we still hear complaints about reliability, scalability and call quality,” said Vasili Triant, CEO of LiveOps Cloud. The company, which was recently acquired by Marlin Equity Partners and is splitting off from its BPO division, LiveOps Agent on Demand, just rolled out CxEngage, a completely new Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. CxEngage is an enterprise-class, cloud-enabled, omni-channel solution that will enable companies to focus their resources on serving their customers as opposed to having to maintain an infrastructure.

“It’s a fresh platform, leveraging the lessons of our 16-year history of delivering contact center solutions to the world’s largest organizations. But it also incorporates best practices and looks ahead to what will be needed five years from now,” said Triant. “Unlike most other solutions, it’s a true 100% cloud based contact center –a single software stack in a cloud infrastructure that can provide a global class enterprise that can be deployed on a multi-region basis.” Beyond the ever- increasing contact center needs in traditional markets such as the US, Europe and APAC nations, LiveOps Cloud has also seen growing demand in such regions as Africa, India, China, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

To provide optimal service, LiveOps Cloud maintains 84 data centers all over the globe. CxEngage leverages its AWS (Amazon Web Service) architecture and conforms to Safe Harbor regulations. “With our coverage, we don’t need to reroute calls and can avoid the issues I refer to as the three plagues of the call center industry—call latency, poor call quality and reliability,” said Triant.

Built from the ground up, CxEngage provides an open framework for unmatched integration with standard APIs for greater flexibility and visibility at every level of the organization. “Our APIs aren’t dogmatic,” noted Triant. “We provide a pure cloud platform with gateways that partners can integrate applications for voice calls, data sharing within the organization, social media, chat, email, SMS and more. We’ve also thought ahead to the need to add new channels which we may not even know about at this point. The routing engine handles interaction types which will allow such integrations without disparate reporting.”

CxEngage acts as a single window from which agents can make more informed customer service decisions and integrates with a broad set of applications such as customer relationship management (CRM), workforce management (WFM), and business intelligence (BI) to perpetually improve service delivery. It offers a simplified agent experience by permitting data exchange with CRM and other back-end systems. Agents can interact across all channels from a single workspace embedded in the CRM or as a standalone toolbar. 

Triant reiterated his conviction that the scalability and reliability provided by CxEngage is what differentiates it from other contact center solutions. “From our information, the market is 15 million seats globally, not including sales teams, click-to-dial and outbound applications. The largest player now serves 100,000-110,000 seats and the second largest somewhere between 85,000 and 90,000 and we have heard anecdotally that some of its customers are experiencing stability problems,” he said. “At LiveOps Cloud, we currently are working with customers that account for 73,000 seats and we’re growing rapidly – 84% over the past two years. We win new business on reliability and scalability. While many new clients are still migrating from on-premise solutions, others are choosing us over their current cloud suppliers. One company that switched over told us they chose us because ‘LiveOps Cloud works. Every day. Every week. Every month’.”

Triant also believes that the CxEngage creates a new paradigm for how the contact center will be procured and delivered in the future. “People in the industry have been adverse to change... But there’s a growing recognition as the C-level contact center is no longer simply a utility, but a necessity to customer and revenue retention. They’re realizing the need for the added capability to provide service based upon customer lifetime value, and to be more cognizant of the decision points on which to take action in providing proactive outreach to high value customers,” he said. “With a true cloud solution, everyone from small shops to global enterprises can now have a contact center that is always-on and ready to scale up at a moment’s notice.”