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4 IVRs Customers Love


Presented By: Nuance

Spending time and money on your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system may not be your most urgent priority, but there’s never been a better or more crucial time to invest in your IVR. Customers depend on it now more than ever—calling you to resolve complex situations they can’t fix using your Web or mobile channels.  

Download "4 IVRs Customers Love" to learn how leading organizations are leveraging innovative IVR technologies to make an immediate impact on customer experience and their bottom line—and you can too. Discover how:       

  • Delta Airlines updated a decade-old IVR to improve their self-service experience, resulting in a 15% reduction in misrouted calls.
  • FedEx “humanized” their IVR to make it more natural and conversational, and eliminated more than 10,000 calls to live agents per day.
  • NYC311 uses natural language call steering to deliver a superior caller experience at a lower cost. 

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