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7 Contact Center Metrics Every Enterprise Should Be Measuring


Presented By: Five9

Delivering a best-in-class customer service experience has become increasingly complex as empowered consumers, with a choice of channels. have dramatically altered the contact center environment. The stakes in this race for satisfied customers couldn’t be higher. Failure to provide an effective omnichannel approach that meets consumers’ desire for immediate service could result in a public relations backlash - or worse still, lost revenue and loyalty - as customers broadcast their experience with your contact center across social media. But……
• How do you know if you’re keeping up with customer expectations?
• What’s the best way to measure your contact center’s performance to ensure its efficient and productive enough to meet customer demand?
• How can you gauge whether you’ve effectively aligned your people, processes, and technology with the needs of your customers and agents, as well as your business objectives?

The answers exist in the myriad of reports and surveys you may already have in place. Download “7 Contact Center Metrics Every Enterprise Should Be Measuring” to learn how to cull the most vital data from these sources.

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