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4 Strategies for Improving First Call Resolution


Presented By: Nuance

First Call Resolution (FCR) is a key contact center metric that serves as a guidepost for gauging operational performance and improving customer satisfaction. But it’s also one of the most difficult to properly evaluate and improve.  

Download our new executive guide: Four Strategies for Improving First Call Resolution to learn proven strategies used by the world’s largest contact centers to:                             

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1             Increase FCR rates by 5% to 15%

2             Reduce costs and drive top-line growth

3             Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction 

Contents Include: 

    Determining your FCR score

    Common root causes of sub-par FCR rates

    Calculating the financial impact of FCR

    Benchmarking for FCR rates 

FCR improvements are within reach and can deliver an immediate boost to customer satisfaction and your bottom line. It just takes the right strategies and this new guide will show you how.