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Unlocking The Contact Center’s Hidden Asset - How Multichannel Analytics Can Translate the Voice of the Customer into Business Intelligence


Presented By: Calabrio

Big Data - the ocean of unstructured data flowing out of the digital revolution - is changing business as we know it. For contact centers, that’s especially true. With vast and growing stores of customer data flooding in from a multitude of channels, contact centers contain arguably the most abundant, and most valuable information. The burning question is, what to do with all that data? For many organizations, it would seem, the answer is simply to let it pile up. According to research by Forrester, most organizations currently analyze only 12 percent of their data. Either they’re overwhelmed by it, don’t know how to analyze it, or don’t know what they’re missing.

This white paper explores best practices for tapping into the goldmine of customer conversations in your contact center, regardless of channel, to understanding the true, the literal, voice of the customer. Learn how to tackle the obvious applications, such as QA and Compliance, to move beyond random analysis to analyze 100% of interactions and pinpoint the most essential calls. We also explore how to leverage your investment to chart new territory for optimizing customer service, as well as share insights throughout the organization to support enterprise performance.

Most importantly, we’ll help you understand how to keep the project and the technology simple, eliminating the need to employ data scientists. Rather, understand how and why to get valuable Voice of the Customer insight into the hands of more people in your organization who can use it.


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