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The Rise of Customer Service Robotic Automation


Presented By: Jacada

In this whitepaper, Nicolas De Kouchkovsky, a customer engagement expert and former Genesys CMO, discusses robotic automation in the broader context of the evolving customer service, and explores its interaction with digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and self-service.  

In order to step up to the seemingly impossible challenge of enabling deeper customer engagements, support organizations are turning to automation. It expands self-service from responding to questions to actually completing customer requests such as returning a product or changing a flight.
Automation can also assist agents who deal with a common contact center problem of having to juggle multiple systems and applications during live customer interactions.

Key Discussion Points:

  • RPA as a critical technology for customer service
  • How to leverage RPA to intelligently assist agents and self-service
  • Deployment scenarios of Customer Service RPA
  • Getting started and measuring success