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Your Complimentary Forrester Report on 2014 Customer Service Trends


Presented By: Aspect

Today, customers are dictating the way businesses deliver service. They use a wide range of communication channels - voice, self-service, SMS, digital, and social - to interact with companies.  In this changing customer-company communication landscape, how are you defining your customer service strategy in 2014 and beyond? 

In the report, Navigate the Future of Customer Service in 2014, Forrester analyst Kate Leggett explores what it takes to deliver good service by focusing on the Four P’s: Service that is pain-free, proactive, personalized, and delivered with maximum productivity. 

Key takeaways from the report:

  • Discover the trends that are dominating the planning agendas of customer service organizations in 2014
  • Learn the top twelve customer service trends that companies must consider in order to deliver customer service excellence
  • Use Forrester's customer service trends impact analysis framework to pinpoint key steps to make your plans bulletproof
  • Get valuable peer data on technology adoption and priorities  CLICK HERE TO READ THIS REPORT