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The 2020 State of Customer Service Report


Presented By: CrmXchange

Incite Group’s new report breaks down the key trends that will shape customer service in 2020 and beyond through a survey of more than 900 executives

The 2020 State of Customer Service Report, which is free to download now, is a major study of the critical issues in customer service and how the field will be transformed in the next 18 months and beyond over the next decade. Through its major, industry-wide survey and comment from top thought leaders, the report lays out the state and future of the customer service sector, making it a must-read.

This report is vital for anyone operating in customer service as it breaks down:  

  • Key channels
  • Emerging and critical technologies
  • Key priorities and challenges
  • Organisational structures
  • Key metrics
  • Average response times
  • Data handling and manipulation best practice. 

The report does this over more than 30 detailed charts and graphs taken from one of the biggest industry surveys out there across more than 40 pages of analysis. This report features hundreds of insights into how customer service is changing and innovating, including takes on artificial intelligence, automation, data management, measurement, personalisation, omnichannel and optimising organisation structures.

Alongside the report’s statistical deep dive into customer service, the report also features opinions from leaders in customer service working for some of the biggest brands around.  These direct insights include insights from: 

  • Mastercard
  •  Microsoft
  • Zurich
  • Uber
  • Plusnet.

This is the one report you need to download this year to understand the state and future trajectory of customer service.

Click here to download the complete report for free