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Strativity Acquisition of Touchpoint Dashboard Shifts Focus to Customer Journey Management


Presented By: Strativity

Lior Arussy, President, Strativity

In their recent announcement of acquiring Touchpoint Dashboard’s leading SaaS journey mapping platform, customer experience specialist Strativity called the step a “natural progression,” expanding upon their investment in the journey mapping provider earlier in 2015. In reality, it marks a bold new direction, giving the firm an enhanced technology solution to complement their consultancy services.

“With the addition of a journey management platform to ensure execution and sustainability, we believe that we’re taking our value to the next level,” said Strativity President, Lior Arussy. “Now our clients can get the best of both worlds. They will have the ability to develop and manage journeys on their own, along with the security of having access to our extensive CC expertise and experience.”

Arussy feels that many people in the industry aren’t quite sure how to manage the customer journey. “Customer experience leaders have read that it’s relatively easy to do your own journey mapping. But in many cases, projects stall. They’ve set up the process, but are unsure how to move forward. We plan to give them the option to grow as they see fit; to start small and help them progress when things get stuck.”

Existing Touchpoint Dashboard customers will benefit from Strativity’s ongoing commitment to Touchpoint Dashboard’s product functionality, flexibility, and security. But moving forward, the focus will be on better using the solution as a tool to achieve results. “A journey map can be similar to a floor mat,” said Arussy. “It’s a nice design, but it’s static. Businesses need it to be a living document to be truly effective.” When Strativity was acting as an OEM for the platform, they concentrated on the task management features to meet their client’s needs. 

“For journey management to succeed, the entire organization needs to be held accountable, not just the individual responsible for doing the mapping”, noted Arussy. “Many companies begin by mapping the journeys for one specific touchpoint. While that can be a good starting point in understanding a business from the customer’s perspective, some organizations then try to expand too fast, and set themselves up for boiling the ocean.”

Strativity plans several initiatives to make Touchpoint Dashboard a more effective tool. They will develop a package of best practices to offer customers and set up a series of ten consultative training workshops to help them use the solution as an action planning tool. “These learning sessions will be on a members-only basis,” he said. Previously, Touchpoint Dashboard had been giving prospective clients 15-day full access to the platform, which resulted in their having quite a large volume of journey maps in the archives.

Customer experience training is one of the pillars on which Strativity is built. Their customizable programs have been delivered to more than 375,000 employees in 21 nations for organizations representing the full spectrum of business verticals. The company offers three levels of instruction for employees, front-line managers, and leadership personnel, as well as advanced courses for practitioners. This cascading approach has led to measurable success, including playing an instrumental role in taking Mercedes-Benz to #1 in customer satisfaction.