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AssistEdge by EdgeVerve Delivers an Integrated Omni-Channel Experience to Make Life Easier for Both Customers and Agents

EdgeVerve Systems

Presented By: EdgeVerve Systems

Today’s customers expect their requests to be handled quickly and become frustrated when information is not readily available. It becomes even more frustrating when they get bounced to several reps on these channels who are often unaware of the context of their journey and ask them to repeat the same information.

Self-service solutions can simplify matters, but there is still resistance and much room for improvement. Surveys indicate the majority of customers (70%) would prefer to use self-help – and only half of those actually use it. But a significant number (30%) do not take advantage of this option. Many older customers insist on interacting with a human being, whether via email or on-call support. But in many cases, people’s reticence to use self-service is directly caused by a negative experience the first time they tried to navigate through a poorly designed application.

Agents endeavor to be as responsive and helpful as possible but are in the difficult position of needing to toggle between as many as a dozen applications during any given interaction. They react as any people under pressure might; they become frustrated at the difficulties in completing transactions. One way to improve productivity and reduce agent effort would be to provide such tools as a unified desktop, interaction automation capabilities and guided workflow to enable reps to retrieve customer-specific data far more quickly.

AssistEdge by EdgeVerve, an Infosys company, is a product that covers all of these bases and more. It starts with a robust interactive self-care application that offers an intuitive IVA (intelligent virtual agent) which makes self-service far easier for customers with automated problem diagnosis and resolution. It employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand queries and is supported by a single online knowledge base that gives most customers the information they’re seeking. 

AssistEdge is an omni-channel solution, offering context passing between channels. The agent who picks up after self-service has full information on what has already transpired. It’s an integrated, channel-of-choice product that supports a broad spectrum of touch points: email, calls, chat, web (including co-browsing capabilities), social and more. If a customer moves from chat to call, the call agent has the entire context of the customer and the problem.

Operational productivity and multichannel collaboration are enhanced by sophisticated next-generation applications:

Smart User Environment offers an integrated agent dashboard that automates manual processes and non-intrusively integrates heterogeneous technology applications, enabling agents to view up to 50 applications in a single window.

Real-Time Expertise Manager delivers Whatsapp like capabilities to engage with consumers or collaborate within the enterprise. As the name implies, this module provides instant access to expertise. Instead of needing to put customers on-hold and having to use multiple tools to search for known resources, the system instantly suggests artifacts from the knowledge management system, resulting in more rapid resolution of the query and reduced number of contacts. In the situations where the needed information still remains elusive, the agent can click on a single “Expert Help” button. Rule-based routing rapidly takes the inquiry to the most appropriate destination, whether it needs to be handled by order, account or tech support.  Real-Time Expertise Manager also opens the gates to a vast network of subject matter experts (SMEs) that can promptly resolve cases.

Robotic Process Automation provides the technology platform to automate any repetitive and rule based human processes. It automates “high touch” processes by modelling rules into software robots that run non-intrusively on existing heterogeneous IT environment. AssistEdge RPA uses the same validation, same security and data to ensure that ‘change management’ within the organization is minimal.

AssistEdge by EdgeVerve has the capability to deliver compelling business results. It has been deployed in 350 contact centers across 40 nations and is now being used by 180,000+ agents, help center technicians and even field agents in over 12,000,000 interactions per year. EdgeVerve claims that the solution can produce up to a 50% reduction in average handle time (AHT), generate a 26% increase in FCR, increase agent productivity by 24% and reduce support costs by 22%. These impressive attributes could result in ROI being achieved in as little as six months in many contact center environments, part of what EdgeVerve estimates as a possible $35 million in savings.