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Demand for Enterprise Search Applications Drives Exceptional Growth at Coveo


Presented By: Coveo

When a company records its best quarter ever, experiences a 300% increase in subscription bookings, and activates its 1000th enterprise customer while maintaining a 93% renewal rate, you’d have to call it a pretty good year. Enterprise search technology specialist Coveo achieved all these milestones in 2014 and is looking ahead to advancing even further in the year ahead.


What’s fueling their growth? According to Diane Berry, Senior Vice President of Market Strategies for Coveo, “Companies are often overwhelmed by data. Today’s more digitally savvy customers want to self-serve but need guidance. Our enterprise search technology both enables consumers to find the information they’re looking for and allows agents to upskill themselves as they work. Our Advance Relevance Engine ingests user context and actions to see the most relevant content and experts from all sources. Analytics provide a better understanding of how people interact with businesses which helps customers help themselves while helping agents help other agents.”


Berry sees the company’s cloud-based applications as drivers, such as the Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud and Communities Editions which bring together both cloud and on-premise data via a cloud index. These solutions were integral to Coveo’s 1000th enterprise activation in Q4 by Sonus Networks. Sonus, a specialist in bringing intelligence and security to real-time communications, used Coveo enterprise search technology to empower its service agents to better meet an evolving increase in customer service inquiries and improve access to relevant knowledge for its customer community members.


 “We offer our clients the capability to bring content into the context of users at the point of interaction,” said Berry. One phenomenon that they have noticed is that while the use of Coveo’s solutions starts in customer service departments, it often breaks out in other segments of an organization. “Our technology goes viral in many companies,” said Berry.  “We project that every dollar spent with Coveo will grow to $3 within the next two years.”


What differentiates Coveo’s Enterprise Search from other products on the market? First and foremost is keeping proprietary information secure. “Without the proper security, companies will not open up their body of knowledge,” said Berry. Other key factors are broad connectivity to most cloud and on-premise systems, a capability for relevant tuning made possible by search analysis, an intuitive interface that’s easy to configure with Salesforce and SharePoint as well as rapid growth with strategic partners. “We signed agreements with more than 30 new systems integrator partners in 2014,” said Berry.” We also launched a new developer community where Coveo developers and our customer and partner developers share best practices.”


Coveo launched a Sitecore Free Edition in 2014 to empower Sitecore partners and customers with an enterprise-caliber website search solution that’s fully integrated with the Sitecore Experience Platform. The new offering allows marketers to configure and tune search relevance from within the Sitecore console. For 2015, Coveo recently announced the availability of several new integrations with leading CRM, cloud and social/community systems for Version 7 of its Enterprise Search Platform, including Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Knowledge, YouTube, Lithium and others.