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Roundtable - Best Practices in Workforce Optimization


Presented By: CrmXchange

July 11, 1pm Eastern

Panelists from NICE,

Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director, GTM Strategy, Real-Time Work, Verint, and

Robert Bradshaw, Founder/President, WiserOwl


About the Webcast

Workforce optimization (WFO) is a key aspect of call center operations and involves ensuring that agents are performing at their best, and that staffing levels are optimized to meet customer demand. During this roundtable we will discuss issues such as the following: 

  • Monitor Agent Performance: Use performance metrics to identify areas for improvement and to provide coaching and training to agents who need it.
  • Use Analytics: Use data analytics to gain insights into call center operations and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Capacity Planning Accuracy: Visibility into the number of hires is critical to ensuring long-term capacity planning accuracy
  • Talent Management:  Using performance data to personalize coaching & learning strategies to optimize agent performance
  • Insight Driven Management:  Using data analytics to gain insight to center performance & target areas for improvement


About the Presenters

Sheri Greenhaus, Managing Partner, CrmXchange, Moderator

For over two decades Sheri Greenhaus has been involved in nearly every aspect of contact center management. At CRC Information Systems, where she was Vice President of Marketing, Sheri was responsible for sales and marketing strategies for this call center database company. As Director of Hart Hanks Telemarketing, Sheri oversaw the Hart Hanks call center operation.

Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director, GTM Strategy, Real-Time Work, Verint

Trent is responsible for driving the go to market strategy for Verint's industry leading Real Time Work solutions, including Real Time Agent Assistance and Real Time Coaching. This includes driving offering related activities across the company focused on driving business growth and helping our customers succeed in implementing real time strategies using Verint products.

Robert Bradshaw, Founder/President, WiserOwl

Robert founded WiserOwl to enable contact centers to bridge the financial gap between customer service and the enterprise, helping to overcome barriers in customer experience that Forbes estimates cost businesses upwards of $75 billion every year. As Founder/President of WiserOwl, Robert brings 30+ years of marketing, business development, and sales expertise in startup and Fortune 100 firms. As a thought leader, he regularly contributes to trade publications in the contact center industry.