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Roundtable: Best Practices in Workforce Management


Presented By: CRMXchange


Panelists: Aspect, Calabrio, Verint

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About the Webcast

Workforce management has long been defined as ensuring that the right number of agents with the right skills are available at the right time to deliver the right level of support to customers. Companies must be able to react swiftly and efficiently to the intraday management environment and 'day-of-changes' to scheduling as well as being fully prepared to meet seasonal and changing service demands according to a strategic plan.

 Learn best practices to adapt to the needs of today’s rapidly evolving contact center environments.


About the Presenters

Kelly Koelliker, Director, Content Marketing, Verint

Kelly Koelliker is director of content marketing at Verint with a focus on contact center workforce engagement solutions.   With more than 15 years of marketing and sales experience, her expertise in the customer service industry covers such fast-evolving categories as knowledge management, natural language search, and CRM.

Eric Hagaman, Senior Product Manager, Aspect Software

As a product manager, Eric is tasked with looking to identify new trends and approaches in workforce optimization that provide value to customers worldwide and that are instrumental for those looking to master next generation customer contact. Prior to his role in product management, Eric was a senior technical advisor who helped organizations across industries help make the most of their workforce management solutions.

Laura Lukic, WFM Consultant, Calabrio

Laura spent seven years as a Calabrio WFM customer before joining the Calabrio team.  With 20 years of WFM, Business Analytics, and Training experience, she knows the unique business challenges facing todays contact centers.   Being a WFM Consultant has afforded Laura the opportunity to utilize her skills and best practices in helping teams reach their potential.  Whether it’s a new implementation or working with existing customers, finding the best solutions within WFM is the driving force behind Laura’s passion and commitment to Contact Center excellence!