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Biggest Contact Center and Customer Service Challenges and How to Turn them Around


Presented By: CrmXchange

Live Date: October 10, 2023. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Presented by Heather Hughes, Director of Product Marketing, NICE,

Bridget Lange, VP, Business Operations, Verint, and

Ric Kosiba, Managing Partner, Real Numbers

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About the Webcast

Join us as we address the key obstacles that contact centers encounter, ranging from outdated technology and agent burnout to rising customer expectations, and learn actionable approaches to overcome these hurdles.

We will discuss things such as: 

  • Common operational problems, and ways to get past them.
  • How the process of accessing data and uncovering insights can enhance the management of your individual agents.
  • Challenges related to staffing and maintaining service levels, along with strategies and advice to effectively navigate uncertainties in managing your contact center's demand.  
  • Closing the Engagement Capacity Gap: Discover strategies to bridge the divide between an organization's awareness of meeting evolving customer expectations and the resources available to fulfill those expectations.
  • Overcoming Legacy System Obstacles: Learn how to effectively address legacy system challenges that could hinder the successful implementation of a digital customer engagement strategy.
  • Unifying Feedback Data: Explore the benefits of establishing a centralized source of truth for feedback data dispersed throughout the organization's silos.
  • Contact centers continue be challenged to personalize every experience and act in real-time on customer intent and sentiment.
  • Agents not having what they need when they need it leads to frustration and burnout; streamlining the agent experience makes it easier.

About the Presenters

Ric Kosiba, Managing Partner, Real Numbers

Ric is an engineer, who tripped into the contact center industry about 25 years ago (and honestly loves it!). He started a contact center planning company, called Bay Bridge Decision Technologies in 2000, and has worked at several CCaaS companies (Interactive Intelligence, Genesys, and Sharpen), always doing contact center planning and analyses. He holds a Ph.D. in Operations Research and Engineering from Purdue University(Go Boilers!). 

Ric resides in Indiana with his wife, Karin, and four kids. He loves being a dad.

Bridget Lange, VP, Business Operations, Verint

Bridget is a VP of GTM Strategy at Verint with a focus on contact center solutions for voice and digital channels, routing and self-service.  Her expertise in the customer service industry covers such categories as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and automation.

Heather Hughes, Director of Product Marketing, NICE

Heather has worked in the contact center CX space for over 9 years, and has dedicated her 20+ year career to a customer-centric mindset to best deliver on business outcomes.