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Customer Service and CX Megatrends for 2023


Presented By: CrmXchange

Live Date: August 11, 2022. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Panelists: Andrea Matsuda, Product Marketing, NICE,

Aditi Mehta, Product Marketing Director, Verint, and

Justin Robbins, Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Evangelism at UJET

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About the Webcast

Are you prepared for 2023? 

Curious about the most important trends for 2023? Join our panel of experts as we cover a variety of topics that will change your thoughts on customer interactions. We will touch on a few topics such as:

  1. Customer Feedback: Collect and measure feedback across all channels for actionable insights. 
  2. Contact Center of Excellence: One data repository in order to report on and create business cases to impact change. 
  3. Employee Experience: Analyzing employee feedback in addition to customer feedback provides a more holistic picture of CX. 
  4. Omnichannel's Failure: Omnichannel is not working. Something needs to change as the approach for delivering service keeps falling short. 
  5. Automation & Specialization: The intersection of self-service and agent-assisted customer contact grows more complex. The right balance enables contact centers to deliver greater financial impact and stronger customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  6. Tips to help Retain Talent
  7. Strategic Impact of the Contact Center: Effective leadership requires the ability to easily identify and articulate the strategic impact of the contact center that goes beyond cost efficiency or customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


About the Presenters

Aditi Mehta, Product Marketing Director, Verint

Aditi recently joined the Verint Experience Management team and is diving headfirst into the world of customer experience, feedback, and customer analytics. In her role as Director, Go-to-Market, Aditi focuses on the positioning, messaging, and growth of the Verint Experience Management portfolio across multiple use cases including digital and retail. Prior to Verint, Aditi spent over 7 years in the travel and airline industry as a product and industry marketer, helping airlines better serve their customers when shopping and booking travel.

Justin Robbins, Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Evangelism at UJET

Justin is a researcher, educator, & advisor who’s spent the past two decades helping businesses define and deliver exceptional customer experiences. He’s developed industry training and certification programs, authored numerous research reports and how-to guides, led strategic consulting engagements, and contributed his insights to mainstream media outlets around the globe – all focused on helping organizations achieve better business outcomes from their customer experience initiatives.Today, Justin is the Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Evangelism at UJET, where he leads their Public Relations, Analyst Relations, Customer Marketing, and Thought Leadership programs.

Andrea Matsuda, Product Marketing, NICE

Andrea has spent the majority of her career in the contact center world. After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she joined TD Ameritrade as a multi-channel customer service agent. While at TD Ameritrade, she  advanced her career into workforce management. Andrea further advanced her workforce management career when she moved to Toast Inc, where she would eventually become the Senior Manager of the Workforce Management department. Today, she is fortunate enough to fulfill her passion of story telling in marketing for the workforce management industry at NICE, Ltd.