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Does Your Bot Have What It Takes for Impressive CX - How to Build Smart Bots with Enlighten XO


Presented By: NICE

Live Date: April 25, 2023. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Michele Carlson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NICE

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About the Webcast

How often have you been stuck with a bot that doesn't understand your needs and then sent to a voice interaction you hoped to avoid? In today's fast-paced digital world, self-service interactions are often customers' first impression of a brand; unfortunately, customers are often less than impressed. 

With all the web pages, bots, and digital channels you have today, why are so many customers looking to bypass bots, skip over web resources, and still need to contact a live agent? 

Traditionally, self-service applications have been built based on considerable guesswork – and there's a better way. From conversational data, businesses are transforming with smart digital that understands why customers reach out, how customers ask questions, what successful agents do to resolve needs, and the optimal workflow to maximize resolutions and customer sentiment. 

Join this session for a demo of Enlighten XO to learn: 

  • How to use conversational data with AI to make smart self-service a reality
  • Why businesses are turning to smart digital to decrease costs by 5x
  • How to build digital 10x faster, that responds with better CX
  • And, how to get started with a free proof-of-concept with your data 

Don't leave your customers waiting in queues, impress them with digital CX that works.

About the Presenters

Michele Carlson, Director of Product Marketing, NICE

Michele is an expert in AI-powered analytics technologies that enable businesses to create better experiences for their customers. In her role as a Director of Product Marketing, Michele brings a warm, energetic approach to connecting businesses and consumers with technology to drive results. Her experience with AI and analytics in customer experience and contact centers spans nearly two decades – far before it was “cool.” Michele has a diverse background in the AI and analytics space, including product management, data analysis, QA engineering, change management, along with agent and supervisor performance coaching. Outside of work, Michele is a mom of four, and enjoys skiing and yoga.