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Using Speech Analytics To Find Contact Center Efficiency & ROI


Presented By: CallMiner

Live Date: August 8, 2017. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR RECORDING

Presented by Brain LaRoche and Toby Paul, Product Marketing Managers, CallMiner

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About the Webcast

 Contact Center leaders are pressured to look for new ways to achieve optimal operational efficiency. The potential to have dramatic, sustainable improvements in call processing efficiency, volume and results is real and within reach. But How?  

Join this webcast to learn how you can use Speech Analytics to analyze each and every customer interaction and provide actionable insights that drive revenue impacting improvements to contact center processes, efficiencies and agent behaviors.

Attendees to this informative webinar will learn how to:

  • Identify the “Low Hanging Fruit” for improving contact center efficiencies
  • Quickly uncover the root causes of efficiency-sapping repeat callers with analytics
  • Swiftly assess the causes of the dreaded “long calls”
  • Achieve multiple ROIs when deploying speech analytics 


About the Presenters

Brian LaRoche, Director, Outreach Marketing, CallMiner

Brian LaRoche is responsible for direct and channel outbound marketing programs for CallMiner.  In addition to his marketing responsibilities he is the host and moderator of CallMiner’s popular Monthly Education Webinar series. LaRoche, a call center industry veteran, is a frequent guest speaker, panelist and guest columnist on a number of technical, collections, sales, customer service and leadership topics related to the analytics field.

Toby Paul, Product Marketing Manager, CallMiner

Toby Paul is a Product Marketing Manager at CallMiner and drives product marketing content and strategy for the Eureka product line and leads new product launches. In addition to his marketing responsibilities he is the host and moderator of CallMiner’s monthly Product Release webinars and the Feature Showcase series of live product demos.