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The Self-Service Translation Struggle and How to Fix It

Language IO

Presented By: Language IO


Presented by Heather Morgan Shoemaker, CEO, Language I/O

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About the Webcast

77% of customers say chatbots will transform their expectations of companies in the next five years. They appreciate how easily they are able to solve issues using self-service tools such as chatbots and self-help articles. 

But what about customers that don’t speak your native language? In the US alone, approximately 13%  (50 million people) of consumers are not native English speakers. Are chatbots available to them?

Unfortunately , the multilingual chatbot is hard to come by because most machine translation tools just aren’t good enough to help bots translate messy user generated content (UCG). UGC includes stuff like jargon, misspellings, acronyms, product names, etc.

Join this webcast as we explain how neural machine translation technology is making it easier to translate chatbot UGC. Learn how to break through language barriers in order to provide global customer support.

Language I/O’s core technology eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming neural machine translation engine training by dynamically selecting the NMT engine that will best translate a given piece of content and imposing company-specific terminology onto any of the many NMT engines integrated into the Language I/O cloud solution.

About the Presenters

Heather Morgan Shoemaker, CEO, Language I/O

Heather is the mastermind behind Language I/O’s core technology. 

Prior to co-founding Language I/O, Heather was well-known for globalizing code for Fortune 500s. She was also the senior director of Product Management and Globalization for eCollege, which was acquired by Pearson Education during her tenure. While at Pearson/eCollege, Heather and her team built a next-generation, online college education platform, which was launched globally. 

Heather holds a Master of Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle. She has lived in various parts of the United States and Mexico and speaks English and Spanish.