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Making the Contact Center More Efficient


Presented By: EvaluAgent

Live Date: September 30, 2021. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Presented by: Hallam Smith, Business Development, EvaluAgent

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About the Webcast

Time is tight in a contact center. It seems that there are not enough hours in the day, and you are juggling onboarding team members while chasing FCR, QA, and CSAT targets. On top of that, you are now tasked with improving the performance of your contact center. There are so many issues to overcome, you need to act fast.

Do any of the issues below sound familiar?  

  • Not knowing if your agents are following correct processes and giving customers the best advice.
  • Making decisions based on evaluating just 2 - 3% of conversations.
  • Relying on spreadsheets to manage QA and Coaching  

As a CX leader, you have a huge opportunity to instill useful, inspiring performance improvement opportunities in your contact center. By providing training where needed, you can enable your team leads and agents to be the best customer services team they can be.

    In this Tech Showcase, you’ll learn:   

    • What is a flexible scorecard builder and how to build your scorecards
    • Best practice coaching templates to ensure that One-to-Ones are managed consistently across the business
    • Integrated eLearning courses and templates tailored to individual agents and their QA needs

    About the Presenters

    Hallam Smith, Business Development, EvaluAgent

    Hallam has a wealth of knowledge about quality assurance and a deep understanding of the challenges that contact centre managers and quality assurance managers face. He is helping clients in all aspects of quality assurance and ensuring clients meet their QA objectives and retain high performance in their contact centres. This helps them to improve customer experience and remain compliant in an evolving contact centre space.