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3 Keys to AI Success in the Contact Center


Presented By: UJET


Justin Robbins, Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Evangelism at UJET, and

Nate Peace, Senior Director, Solutions Consulting, UJET

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About the Webcast

Artificial Intelligence is an increasing part of the conversation when it comes to how contact centers can scale great customer experiences. When done well, AI improves the success of self-service interactions, powers better human-assisted services, and delivers actionable insights across the business. When done poorly, it causes customer pain, creates contact center angst, and erodes brand trust.

The difference between the brands who deploy AI well, and those who don’t, comes down to how they approach three key decision points.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how contact centers can uncover, evaluate, and build their case for leveraging artificial intelligence in the most impactful way. He’ll walk you through how to identify and avoid the most common AI missteps and provide clear direction on how to address the three foundational AI decisions.

The presentation will conclude with a demonstration of how UJET applies these decisions into action.

About the Presenters

Justin Robbins, Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Evangelism at UJET

Justin is a researcher, educator, & advisor who’s spent the past two decades helping businesses define and deliver exceptional customer experiences. He’s developed industry training and certification programs, authored numerous research reports and how-to guides, led strategic consulting engagements, and contributed his insights to mainstream media outlets around the globe – all focused on helping organizations achieve better business outcomes from their customer experience initiatives.Today, Justin is the Senior Director, Corporate Communications and Evangelism at UJET, where he leads their Public Relations, Analyst Relations, Customer Marketing, and Thought Leadership programs.

Nate Peace, Senior Director of Solutions Consulting at UJET

Nate is the Senior Director of Solutions Consulting at UJET, a technical team that serves as product and industry experts to help solve for customer needs. Before UJET, Nate was the Operations Manager at SpotHero and made SaaS purchasing decisions and optimized internal processes. He's based out of San Francisco, CA.