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Successfully Increase Agent Workflow Effectiveness - A How-To Guide


Presented By: nVoq

Live Date: April 18, 2019. PLEASE SIGN IN FOR THE RECORDING.

Presented by nVoq

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About the Webcast

Agents remain the best way to address complex customer interactions. Look for opportunities where RPA and bots can "help" agents, not where they replace them.

Developed for and driven by agents, workflow automation results in higher CSAT scores, reduced AHT, fewer errors, and greater employee engagement.

Join this webcast as we discuss the 5-step process to increase agent workflow effectiveness:

  • Design: Work with the agents to put an initial set of task-flow processes in place. Give them a few weeks to test the new routine.
  • Validate: Did the automation increase your KPIs? See how agents feel about the new processes.
  • Deliver: What is the best way to rollout this new capability across the call center?
  • Connect: Agents support what they help to create. Implement a process for change that includes their input.

During this webcast, you will have the opportunity to see live, a workflow automation demonstration.


About the Presenters

Matt Tillman, VP, Customer Success, nVoq

Matt is responsible for ensuring nVoq partners and customers have a superior experience in utilizing the nVoq platform. He is a former Accenture partner, with deep expertise in work center and call center processes, operations and technology improvement. Matt has an extensive background working with Fortune 100 clients and partners in the design, development and implementation of innovative speech and automation technologies for call center agents.  His deep understanding of the nVoq platform and experience with enterprise-level deployments has been instrumental for nVoq’s business expansion over the past decade.

Clint Wilson, Director Strategic Accounts, nVoq

Clint is responsible for managing the relationships with nVoq’s strategic accounts in the contact center vertical. He has worked within several start-up organizations and corporate environments with a history of success driving revenue growth and elevating organizational performance. His background and experience has contributed to the development of our current contact center business. Clint is an alumnus of University of Colorado-Boulder where is received his BA in Business Finance and Marketing.

GP Ciancio, Senior Sales Engineer, nVoq

GP is responsible for product demos, new customer onboarding and onsite/partner developer training. GP’s background in wealth management, banking, telecommunications and web development contributes to his expertise in workflow discovery and shortcut development for contact centers.  His work alongside of agents and leadership has led the innovation of multiple shortcut workflow strategies commonly used today in contact centers across the country.